GUN CONTROL: Utah Sheriffs' Associate reaffirms their status as Highest LO in the County

Vatic Note:   I agree, its a good idea for everyone of us to check with our local county sheriff and try to determine where he stands on this issue.  Make an effort to contact all gun  owners in your county and do a petition to the sheriff to deputize all gun  owners in the county to act as his deputies in the event such confrontation is likely to happen.    Get massive signatures and get them to the sheriff as soon as possible.  

Then, take the petitions around to all gun owners which in some cases is everyone, and have them sign to have him deputize them to help him meet his obligations as the highest law officer in the county. Then have a committee of citizens to meet with him on how to proceed to help him in the best way possible that he feels he needs.   

There is more, but lets at least get started and we can share different experiences of what works, what ideas others have had and how we can best do  this legally and within the frame work of the system.  I would also suggest recommending to the sheriff, that there might be a slight possibility that the feds (Homeland "Gestapo" Security) might just, treasonously,  do a Pakistan on their county, therefore  identify hackers he can use to bring down the drones, etc.  

Lots more you can discuss with him and contact local veterans groups and get them involved along with retired CIA and military intel, and hunters.  Also women are buying guns in record numbers now as well, so contact gun orgs for women.

Sheriffs’ Open Letter to Obama
by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor

Utah Sheriffs Willing to Die to Protect Traditional Constitutional Interpretation

 ”But, make no mistake, as the duly-elected sheriffs of our respective counties, we will enforce the rights guaranteed to our citizens by the Constitution. No federal official will be permitted to descend upon our constituents and take from them what the Bill of Rights-in particular Amendment II-has given them.“ …Utah Sheriffs

Veterans Today           …featuring the Utah Sheriffs’ Association

Sheriffs putting their lives on the line for the Constitution

Dear Folks, The earth is moving under our feet now. We are seeing some really grass roots movements emerging, and this time by key organizations taking the leadership rather than sticking their finger into the air and waiting until it is safe to declare which side they are on.

As usual, there is no word from the main line veteran organizations. They have a tremendous opportunity now to formally align with these sheriffs’ association to offer their support not only politically on the gun control issues, but to offer to discuss county militia plans under sheriffs’ and state control.

They could do this by deputizing tens of thousands of them  and having them all formally organized and administered. This would throw a huge curve ball into the debate equation.  (VN: Great idea. Proactive work while waiting on the evil ones to decide their course of action.)
We will be watching closely if the Koch brothers or Shelly Adelson offers $10 million for them to organize them nationally to make them a Republican sock puppet tool for trying to win the White House back. They did this with the Tea Party and took virtually complete control away from the grass roots people who started it all.
We are also seeing some wind put back into the sails on the nullification movement which had sputtered out after being ignored by the media, and by Congress of course. Rather than being reactive to these continuing attacks on constitutional issues,  we see the light going on that being pro active is a much better use of everyone’s time and money, and shorter road to victory.
I would suggest to all of you out there that you spread this around and keep track of what others are doing and ask your own sheriffs what they plan to do and see what gun and constitutional rights bills are pending in your legislatures.
The politicians will be watching to see if the interest fades out while waiting to see what Congress will do.  But the time cannot be wasted. All proactive legislation has to be put into motion now.
Posted on January 19, 2013

My fellow Sheriffs and I have prepared the following letter for the President.
P.O. Box 787. East Carbon City, Utah 84520   …(435) 888-2004   …Fax: (435) 888-0842
7  January 2013
The Honorable Barack Obama, President of the United States of America
The White House. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. Washington, DC 20500
Sheriffs are Proactive on gun control
Dear President Obama:
We, the elected sheriffs of Utah, like so many of our fellow Americans, are literally heartbroken for the loved ones of the murdered victims in Connecticut. As Utahans, we are not strangers to this kind of carnage, one of the latest being the 2007 Trolley Square murders wherein nine innocents were gunned down-five losing their lives.
We also recognize the scores of other recent domestic massacres, which have decimated countless honorable lives. As Americans, we value the sanctity of life. Furthermore, similar to our inspired Founders, we acknowledge our subservience to a higher power.
With the number of mass shootings America has endured, it is easy to demonize firearms; it is also foolish and prejudiced. Firearms are nothing more than instruments, valuable and potentially dangerous, but instruments nonetheless.
Malevolent souls, like the criminals who commit mass murders, will always exploit valuable instruments in the pursuit of evil. As professional peace officers, if we understand nothing else, we understand this: lawful violence must sometimes be employed to deter and stop criminal violence.
Consequently, the citizenry must continue its ability to keep and bear arms, including arms that adequately protect them from all types of illegality.
As your administration and Congress continue to grapple with the complex issue of firearm regulations, we pray that the Almighty will guide the People’s Representatives collectively. For that reason, it is imperative this discussion be had in Congress, not silenced unilaterally by executive orders.
As you deliberate, please remember the Founders of this great nation created the Constitution, and its accompanying Bill of Rights, in an effort to protect citizens from all forms of tyrannical subjugation.
We respect the Office of the President of the United States of America.
But, make no mistake, as the duly-elected sheriffs of our respective counties, we will enforce the rights guaranteed to our citizens by the Constitution.
No federal official will be permitted to descend upon our constituents and take from them what the Bill of Rights-in particular Amendment II-has given them.
We, like you, swore a solemn oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and we are prepared to trade our lives for the preservation of its traditional interpretation.
The Utah Sheriffs’ Association
Editing:  Jim W. Dean

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