Told Ya they would Gut Update #10, and They did!

Vatic Note: First let me say, that this video below is so powerful, that I do  not believe it will be allowed to stand, so please download it as soon as you can and then watch it. The book upon which it was based was censored, and further this is done by a foreign country and has english subtitles. Believe me when I say this is NOT FOR FAST FOOD INFO JUNKIES. Notice he says "the international capitalists"  which is Russian for International Zionist bankers, committed unprecedented terror against the general population with the use of B'Nai Brit, indiscriminately killing women and children.... sound like the CONNecticut massacre??? (I have emailed it to a friend to hold in case they do gut it.  They did and now its back up.)

This is real history with documentation, photos etc. And they show that documentation on the video for you to see, so be prepared to pause it and read for yourselves. I believe this is the end game being planned for us. And that means we must make some serious decisions just like our forefathers did. I think we are up to it. They also mention the Freemasons often, which I also believe means Zionists and they are afraid their great video will be called anti-semitic if they say what they really mean because in England and the USA, the masons were run by the khazar bankers. 

What is the bottom line of all of this? We already know some things that can lead us to that bottom line agenda of these foreign occupiers of our government who have literally declared war on us. How do I know? There are dead bodies since 1967 to prove it. I am speaking about the USS Liberty, the USS Cole, 9-11 which will still see justice, that one will never die until Justice is meted out to those who chose to murder, in cold blood, 12,000 innocent and unarmed American civilians while their bosses ran away to Nebraska and waited for the event to occur.

Yes, that is where the entire staff of Goldman Sachs spent the entire day of 9-11. That is exactly the same place, Bush went right after leaving that school on 9-11 and I watched him walk down off the plane and watched all those Goldman sachs people clapping as if someone had won the olympics or something? It was obscene what I saw that day. 12,000 Americans were announced as being killed and here they all were clapping and celebrating.

These are war Criminals, and are guilty of crimes against humanity as well as first degree murder. Who owns Goldman sachs? Rothschild. Who works for Goldman Sachs? Soros and thirty two dual israeli citizens in the White House, and more in the Federal Reserve, military, intel services, and congress. In 1961 JFK warned us about them. I wish he would have named them then. It might have saved his life if he had.

We are foreign occupied by terrorists loyal to a foreign nation due to their sworn loyalty in writing to Israel who is now also false flag murdering innocent Americans in movie theatres, schools, and probably post offices as well. THIS VIDEO IS A FINAL PEG IN THE HOLE OF THE AGENDA.... USING THESE FALSE FLAGS FOR GUN CONTROL.


In the Shadow of Hermes - Juri Lina (Full Length) Genocide of 65 Million
Uploaded by plasmalung
Published on Sep 7, 2012

Based on the widely censored book, "Under the Sign of the Scorpion" by Juri Lina, available as a free PDF download.


Also download the brand new e-book on how zionists have destroyed western civilization over the past 100 years especially. The free 121 page E-book is available here...

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