The Whole Story Of Zionist Conspiracy

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Vatic Note: This is amazing documentary and explains a lot. This has been very difficult to get to watch and to post. However we started this journey over at Zen Gardners site, and the video would not play so I had to track it down and play it on Utube, but it came to me from Zen and he is thus listed as the source for our publishing it on here.

This covers the history of these Jews of both Khazars and Sephardic origin and tracks them completely through history and how we got here to day and how very old this agenda really is. The hatred of the goyim and Christians are well documented on this video and why. Its ironic that its the Islamic religion that recognizes Christ as a prophet to also be followed in his teachings, and yet, the Jewish religion that came out of Babylon, hated and demeaned Christ and his followers and teachings.

Its ironic because the fundamentalist Christians are avid supporters of these lost souls for their claim of a land that is not theirs. In fact, the khazars which constitute 80% of those who call themselves Jews, are the predominant occupiers of Israeli and 100% of Israeli leadership with one exception. This is a MUST SEEE. iTS EXPLAINS EVERYTHING BETTER THAN ANYTHING I HAD EVER SEEN OR READ. THIS IS A WORTHWHILE EFFORT. CHRISTIANS SHOULD ESPECIALLY LISTEN.

The Whole Story Of Zionist Conspiracy
uploaded by AreYouBlindOrWhat, on Jan 29, 2012


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