More of the Transhumanist Agenda in J-Pop Videos: Perfume’s “Spring of Life”

*** It appears they do not want you to see the video as its 3 times now they have messed with it.  So go to the link directly beneath the video to YouTube and watch it there.  Scumbags don't want you to know all this. I just read that Monsanto has spliced HUMAN GENES into the GMO rice They have growing in Kansas. A blog on this subject is up scheduled for the 4th of May, so check it out.  Remember, mad cow disease is a result of feeding cows other cow  meat in their food.  That is what would happen to us.  Buy organic.  They are definitely committed to destroying our humanity.

Vatic Note:  Gradualism at its finest.  This all started out back as early as 1958 when the bilderbergs first published their working paper on globalizing, and then a document was drafted and then was updated in 1979 Called "The Lawful Path:  Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" and it had to do with "social engineering our society through our children and technology. Notice they call it a war..... I found that enlightening, and their weapons are hidden.   It was a training protocol for the infiltrating elite into our systems and it began with music, moved into MTV and finally into the entertainment industry.

Simultaneously, the Black Arts and Black Sciences began work on DNA manipulation as we showed on this blog with the nano spiders to splice our DNA, then into the brain experimentations, then into robotics and we did several blogs on this issue as well.  Now its back to music to tell us how they see the future for us. This did not even include the dumbing down education system, so its a very big, broad, and well coordinated agenda.  They are not dumb, just psychopathic, so they know full well, tyranny has never survived the generation in which it took hold.  This is their way of insuring they can continue forever in this final attempt.  

They use various medium to "tell us" what they intend and if we do nothing about it,  then we are to blame since we knew.  Remember the vampire movies and those about zombies???  Same thing.  Its the future they plan for our children. We must understand these are satanists who celebrate death and darkness, while we celebrate life and light.  They will have compliant, "obedient" cattle assets that they own, to do their bidding and keep their mouth shut and ask for nothing and die when their productive years are over.  Nice world these insane people have planned for us.  Then we wonder why they treat our children as they do with drugging, vaccines, a "DUMBED DOWN" education system and brutal exposure to authoritarianism.  They will, in the end have their "living" robots.

More of the Transhumanist Agenda in J-Pop Videos: Perfumes Spring of Life


 By VC, April 23, 2012

We’ve seen in several previous articles (notably The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music) that the normalization of transhumanism is an important part of the Agenda in mass media.

The merging of humans and robots in order to for a new kind of “upgraded” transhuman is a concept that is heavily promoted in movies, music videos and video games.

Almost all major pop stars have been portrayed as a robot at one point or another in their career. Not only does this make the concept of transhumanism cool and sexy for young people, it also makes a profound statement about the nature of the industry (pop stars being robots with no minds programmed to perform).

In Japan, the widely popular group Perfume brings the same message and imagery to young Asians with videos such as Spring of Life. During the entire video, the members of the group are robots that are being tinkered with by unseen programmers.

During the chorus, they do a dance routine attached to wires – not a lot of freedom going on there. Also, they hide one eye a bunch of times to salute those who control them.

At one point, the fembots appear to be feeling love and start acting more naturally – which is the next step in the development of this technology: Natural looking and feeling robots that can even simulate emotions. Here’s the video.


While this video in itself will probably not change one’s outlook on life and the concept of humanity, it is another piece in the gigantic puzzle that is mass media around the world. This particular video is aimed at the millions of young people in Japan, but other videos and media are aimed at other people around the world and of different age groups.

The combination of all forms of media pushing the same idea ultimately normalizes it – especially when the idea is promoted to young people. So, whether you like transhumanism or not, it is being aggressively pushed around the world.

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