Compare Jeb Bush, the cabals new candidate, to Ron Paul in this speech about our Orwellean life.

Ron Paul - Please make up your mind, what future our children, the next generations deserve, Fight NWO
Vatic Note:  This blog creation got interrupted by the news that Kissinger had met with China leaders and ASSURED THEM that Jeb Bush would be the New President, so I put that one up first. Then I just ran across two articles trying to say that Ron Paul is a cabal choice and received money from a wealthy Bilderberg.  That is the disinfo team going to work to undermine the massive gains Ron has made in collecting delegates.  They realized their man, Mitt Romney, was going to lose the convention, so they have found another way around it.

They will try to do a brokered convention with slandering Ron before the convention and try to undermine the delegates and get them to switch to Jeb, the satanist Bush.  Remember, All Bush boys are Jewish, just like Obama,  since they are khazars, that means they are pagans at the least and Satanists at the worst, as evidenced by Bush Sr getting baptized at Bohemian grove as magog.  Yes, Mrs Bush did admit they were Jewish (Not real ones, rather Khazars), when confronted.  The article on that is now missing, gee, what a surprise.

Those two articles and THEIR TIMING, was just too convenient to accept, so now I decided to publish this mans speech he made on the floor of the house and it is brutally honest about the Orwellean situation we find ourselves in, and now it makes sense why they are truly going after him.  The MSM has lost 50% readership and electronic media is the same way,  so the alternative press is critical now to the Cabals agenda.   They are using it now to TRY AND DISCREDIT Ron Paul, but alas,  it won't work.    Watch and listen to this mans speech that will  be part of the Congressional Record and see why we have no choice but to select him if we want any chance of surviving as a nation.

Ron Paul Speech Highlights the "Orwellean" Nature of our Current Situation!


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he summed it up in a nutshell!

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Wow! Deep respect from the UK.