Mystery surrounds Air Force's secretive X-37B space plane landing plan

Vatic Note:  We, here at Vatic Project first disclosed the first flight of this craft back in 2010 during the Gulf Rig blowout and the simultaneous testing of undisclosed top secret space weapons.  We mentioned it was a coincidence that such a ship went into space at the same time as the blow out of the rig,  I believe it was the day before the blow out.  Since then we disclose a whole fleet of space ships in space that belong to the US and one of them is the size of an aircraft carrier.   We also have a giant satellite circling the Sun on quite a long journey. 

We also had video of twin blue beams coming down from space onto the rig and two holes in the platform after the explosions and no carbon foot print proving it was NOT an explosion from normal explosive material or oil which is carbon based and thus leaves a carbon residue,  THERE WAS NON ON THE PLATFORM... the holes were pristene silver aluminum with absolutely no carbon of any kind on the rims where the holes were made.  The holes match the two beams we saw  which were then gutted from our blog and Truman Otts blog  as well and replaced with a single beam acting as a camera artifact.  Completely different from what we saw originally.  A little photoshopping or cut and pasting goes a long way.  So, is it laser weapons they are secretly ferreting into space??  Read and see what you think. 

Spacecraft has been aloft for 321 days, mission and cargo remain are unknown


By: Mike Wall
Date: 2012-01-22

The United States Air Force's secretive X-37B space plane has been circling Earth for more than 10 months, and there's no telling when it might come down. 

As of Friday (Jan. 20), the mysterious robotic X-37B spacecraft has been aloft for 321 days, significantly outlasting its stated mission design lifetime of 270 days. But it may stay up for even longer yet, experts say, particularly if the military views this space mission — the second ever for the hush-hush vehicle — as something of an endurance test.

"Because it is an experimental vehicle, they kind of want to see what its limits are," said Brian Weeden, a technical adviser with the Secure World Foundation and a former orbital analyst with the Air Force.

A long mystery mission

The Air Force launched the X-37B in March 2011, sending the reusable space plane design on its second space mission. The X-37B now zipping around our planet is known as Orbital Test Vehicle-2, or OTV-2.
Another X-37B vehicle, the OTV-1, launched in April 2010 and landed in December of that year, staying on orbit for 225 days — well under the unmanned spacecraft's supposed 270-day limit. But OTV-2 has already exceeded that limit by more than seven weeks, and the calendar keeps turning over. [ Photos of the 2nd Secret X-37B Mission ]

Racking up a lot of time in space might be a key part of the current mission, according to Weeden.
"I think they didn't want to push it, just because it was the first of its kind," he told SPACE.com, referring to OTV-1's flight. "But I think that they are looking to push the second one."

Statements from Air Force officials appear to support Weeden's supposition.

"This successful flight is important in the progression of the X-37B program, moving us forward in our effort to prove the utility and cost-effectiveness of an unmanned, long-duration, reusable spacecraft," Air Force Lt. Col. Tom McIntyre, the X-37 systems program director, told SPACE.com in late November, when OTV-2 hit the 270-day milestone.

"We look forward to trying to expand the platform's envelope by extending the mission further," McIntyre added.

Testing new technologies?

The X-37B looks a lot like NASA's now-retired space shuttle, only much smaller. The unmanned vehicle is about 29 feet long by 15 feet wide (8.8 by 4.5 meters), with a payload bay the size of a pickup truck bed. For comparison, two entire X-37Bs could fit inside the payload bay of a space shuttle.

Just what the X-37B does for so long while circling our planet remains a mystery, because the space plane's payloads and missions are classified.

Partly as a result of the secrecy, some concern has been raised — particularly by Russia and China — that the X-37B might be a space weapon of some sort. But the Air Force has repeatedly denied that charge, claiming that the vehicle's chief task is testing out new technologies for future satellites.

That's likely to be the case, said Weeden, who published a report in 2010 that investigated the X-37B and its likely missions.

The Air Force doesn’t disclose the X-37B's orbital parameters, but amateur observers have tracked the movements of both OTV-1 and OTV-2. They've found that OTV-2 is not looping around Earth in a polar orbit, which enables a good look at every spot on the globe.

Rather, the spacecraft is flying repeatedly over the stretch of Earth from 43 degrees north latitude to 43 degrees south latitude. Weeden thinks the space plane may be observing the Middle East and Afghanistan with some brand-new spy gear, perhaps instruments optimized to observe in wavelengths beyond the visible-light spectrum.

Earlier this month, an article in Spaceflight Magazine, a British publication, speculated that OTV-2 might be spying on Tiangong 1, China's recently launched prototype space module. But the orbits of the two robotic vehicles are quite different, making this scenario highly unlikely, Weeden and other experts have stressed.

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facilidad de ser said...

Whenever there was a strong double earthquake within the last 10 month, so two quakes in a row within seconds hitting on the same spot, the X-37B was exactly flying over the area at the time of the quakes (trackable here: http://www.n2yo.com/?s=37375)
This can´t be a coincidence.
The X-37B and the ISS (don´t believe fairytales there are men up there) are used additionally to Haarp, since Haarp itself is only able to cause earthquakes up to 7.0, which doesn´t seem to be enough for the gangsters that are behind this.

Watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJwzTxftlF8

Vatic Master said...

Thanks, Facilidad de ser, I really appreciate these leads. I will check them both out and hopefully it will lead down a rabbit hole that we can post on the blog. I love my readers, they give as much as they get. Thanks again. Sorry I am so late responding to this, but the powers that be have somehow interfered with the notifications of the comments... will work on fixing that.