Are We, as a People, Literally under Attack by Our Foreign Occupied Country's SS (Storm Troopers) ???

Are We, as a People, Literally under Attack by Our Foreign Occupied Country's SS (Storm Troopers) ??? 
Watch this and decide!
Uploaded by MrLakeman73 on Dec 24, 2009

Vatic Note: After the passage and signing of the NDAA, it became clear that we needed to take a look, a hard look, at the reality of our situation.  Especially the physical acts of violence against our people, the gutting of our most sacred documents such as the Bill of Rights, and the slander against our oldest standing institutions like the unorganized militia since they may well end up being the only chance we have out of this hole, if the system fails any further.  So, who are they really?  Do we know?  Or only that which
the SPLC and the ADL feed us (the enemy tells us what to think, NOT??  It is time to go down this path andto come together united as one people envisioned by our forefathers as the only source of our eventual salvation in all of this. That means we must learn independantly about what tools we have available outside those controlling the disinfo and propoganda machines used to try  and control what we think.

Our regular military has been satanized as evidenced by the military patches with Occult symbols worn by those in the military.  So, if that is the case,  how do citizens at the grassroots level protect themselves?  The first video begs that question.  When you see the brutality of the powers that be to unarmed peaceful citizens of this country whether male or female, young or old and I do mean old... it matters not, to the brutal satanists dressed in nazi SS gear that coincidentially happens to be "BLACK" just like the SS of Hitlers time.  It means we cannot count on them to defend us.

It is important to understand these historical replays that tell us fully what is going on in our nation. Vatic Project proved in several blogs the involvement of both bankers and Zionists in the Russian Revolution and the Nazi Regime and that is the case here.   Now the Question becomes, "How do We defend Ourselves when law enforcement and Military are under the spell and command of a foreign nations Satanic New World Order?"  The only  answer is the "Grassroots citizens unorganized Militia" created and codified by our fore-fathers in our Constitution, to stand for and with the people in times of serious threat both foreign and Domestic, with major emphasis on the latter.  

Now, the instigators of all of this WANT a Russian type rebellion in which, when over, they will provide the leadership and thus take complete control of the government.  What proved to be a brutal regime for their people, 63 million of whom died at their hands.  They have no love for any nations people except  their own class. Itstime to look in the mirror instead of outside ourselves, for our salvation and healing as a people and as a nation..  We are who will save us.

We are showing these series of videos to bring home to our citizens the true situation we are in.  Back in 2009, after Obama had taken office, the Zionist Banker owned MSM began a campaign to scare Americans and divide us as a nation.  The SPLC and ADL,  Prior to garnering control of our Homeland Security Department, tried to control the opposition by vilifying it, and through propoganda to manipulate law enforcement and average citizens into believing the patriot movement and the  militias were all crazy loons and racists, as well as gun toting nut cases.  They included Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin in that group
along with their followers.  Well, since then, when the left did not take the bait,  the SPLC and the ADL obtained control over the Homeland Security directly,  through the appointed head who is also a khazar Zionist.  

In fact our gov and Pentagon have over 32 such dual Citizens in key positions to be able to control how and what we think and to scare us to death about them.  This below challenges all that and proves the opposite.   This first video is a critical series of events that prove exactly the opposite of what the SPLC and the ADL have been propogandizing about the need for the citizens militia.  The brutality you will see could be done to
someone in your family  including yourself. 

Video 1

In fact,  the "Citizens Militia" is the only thing we can depend on to protect us and that has now become patently clear when we look at the NDDA that was passed implementing a total final gutting of our freedoms, liberties and protections under the Bill of Rights.  Even those who voted against it on the floor of congress, exposed the dangers and the evil intentions of such legislation which was to finalize their tyranny through martial law and try and I do say TRY to confiscate our guns. 

First they tried to make us hate the very thing that can save us, the citizen militia, but then they implemented the NDAA which is what the militia would fight against, so that now makes every thing SPLC and the ADL have done totally suspect.  What we have here is a full and complete coup of our country by a foreign nation through deceptive means, such as "infiltration", "slander", "Bribery",  "Threats", "Blackmail", and last but not least "Assassinations". 

The country in question has murdered Americans in the past to achieve their political agenda for their country, at the cost in lives and wealth of our country. They are not our allies, they are now proven to be our enemies. Yet our treasonous foreign infiltrated government passes on billions of dollars of our tax money in foreign and military aid USED TO THEN TURN AROUND AND DO MORE OF THE SAME to those they have received funds from.    Now how Perverse is that?

Even 9-11 was included in the patriot act exempting that same "nation", through
immunity,  for any acts they may have committed on 9-11.  That was put in by the Dual Israel citizen Chertoff when he was head of Homeland Security.  Do these barbaric cretins have a conscience?  No, its written in their Babylonian Talmud pagan book  that cattle goyim are exempt from justice.  The Khazars believe they can do anything they want to us and they will still be within their own rules.   The USS Liberty, the USS Cole and 9-11 proved that much. 

So, now is the time, to revisit exactly what the citizens militia is,  EDUCATE OURSELVES as to why our forefathers knew enough to include such protections against such a foreign enemy, the British, who were tied in heavily to the international Zionist satanic Khazars and bankers and always have been since before the creation of this nation as a whole. The Militia was always to protect the nation at the grassroots level
against domestic tyranny by the very top.  That is why the second amendment was created:to protect against such coups, invasions, and domestic treason by anyone in power.  Now watch this video and understand WHY THE SPLC AND ADL FELT IT NECESSARY TO GO AFTER THEM IN SUCH A VICIOUS MANNER AS FAR BACK AS 2009.   Its because they are willing to die to defend us and and our nation from such gestapo SS nazi type acts resulting in Fascism as a New World Order.

American Militia: domestic uprising of the defenders of the constitution
Uploaded by TheAmericanMilitia on Nov 23, 2009.

This is a mini documentary that was made about the resistance movement focused on a militia unit in San Diego, California. Featuring July4 Patriot from A.R.M.   Member of the Resistance Movement share their thoughts and explain what is the militia movement.

Video II


Its our fervent hope that it never comes to this and that those hired, elected, and designated to protect this nation, its Governing document, the Constitution, against all enemies both foreign and domestic,  the latter being far more treacherous, will step up to the plate and do what is right and what they swore to do,  Defend the people of the United States, against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic.  That means we must support them,  AS A UNITED FRONT, when the "CITIZENS GRASSROOTS UNORGANIZED MILITIA" takes their stand on our behalf,  young, old, male, female.... WE ARE ONE.....UNITED!!!!!

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facilidad de ser said...

Another fake movement besides Wikileaks, Occupy, Anonymous, Zeitgeist, Thrust, SOFA crap, this is getting so boring.

JohnDrakeMI6 said...

I am former law enforcement at the highest levels of government and it angers me to see such violations of civil rights against people when the "Police" are supposed to be doing their jobs it professionally without unnecessary force or injury to a person or group of person when they are obviously out numbered.

This type of activity is where the "police" of the United States and other law enforcement organizations are severely lacking in special martial arts training normally used to apprehend and control a suspect, without unnecessary force. The Japanese do NOT have this problem since they are required to become "Black Belts" by the end of their "Year" training as opposed to most 19 week academies in the U.S.

Instead, American police cause more injury to the defendant and tho themselves because they do NOT know how to properly make an arrest, or control technique.

This type of behavior by corrupt law enforcement should not go unpunished! I noticed over the years that when LAPD had riots, they didn't even go into certain parts of the city? Why not? If they feel "brave" and "protected" under the "color of authority" while beating up a single person(older male/female or otherwise defenseless person with a ratio of 4-5 officers to one individual, then why not go into the city where serious and dangerous violators are raping, pillaging, and murdering, etc..? Remember the Rodney King riots???
Not a good situation, but it happened.

We need a leader and a group of Patriots willing to do what is right in order to protect what we have guaranteed in the Constitution. We are losing our rights right now.

I am one Patriot who has already lost all my rights because I stood up and did the right thing and spoke out when it was unpopular and even sent to prison for a "conspiracy" I did not commit.

I used to protect Presidents of the United States, Heads of State of foreign countries, and Ambassadors to the U.S.while at the White House and other duties and now I am treated as a "criminal" or "felon" when a corrupt Judge and AUSA lied to the court. They even used an "Illegal Alien" who lied and was previously convicted of LYING to set up other U.S. Customs officials so he coudl get a GREEN CARD.WE are ALL about to lose our rights.

Am I the only former law enforcement official that actually made proper arrests and never had to use "excessive" force? and protected people's rights even though some emotions may have been involved? I guess I was lucky and I only had about 25-30 years experience instead of only 3-5 years before being forced out like some people: Serpico, Hantz& Greenberg(NYPD) etc...They still did their jobs before they had to leave. I did my job and I finally got removed/forced out.

What are WE doing about the corrupt Judges and U.S. Attorney's like Eric Holder that really cause the problems and foreign born "dictators" like Barry Soetero? Please contact me so we can try to help each other to help others before we all lose. It happened in Nazi Germany! Don't let it happen here now in 2012.

John Carman
Former U.S. Secret Service
U.S. Customs, Immigration
U.S. Mint Police, SDPD
Private Investigator, Security Consultant,INTEL Analyst. john.a.carman@gmail.com