Fibonacci Fractals, "As Above, So Below"

Vatic Note: This is a wonderful change of pace and big picture article and video. Please watch it a couple of times since it really does begin to tell us about how we fit in this and what real tools we can use to affect our own future. I think this is another rabbit hole I just may go down, when time permits after we fix our mess. Thanks for hanging with us till then.

Fibonacci Fractals, "As Above, So Below"
by Forbidden Knowledge.com, 5/24/11
Sacred Geometry,  by Tyrone M. Tyson
May 21, 2011

This video shows how all things are connected to the whole. When you look at things from an egocentric position, you become blind to the bigger picture.

All things are related to each other and collectively, they are constituencies of the whole. You can't understand the small things in their entirety without first understanding the whole.

Once this is understood, the other the videos on the Forbidden Knowledge TV website will hold more meaning for those seeking truth.


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