The Real Reason Gov. Rod Blagojevich was Arrested and Convicted‏

Vatic Note:   I could not have asked for a greater support for my contention that our government is not the problem, per se, rather our congress and senators,  at least many of them, are under threat of life, liberty and blackmail, by the Rothschild Khazar controlled bankers and Israelis.   I suspect a minority of them like Pelosi, Dodd, etc  were also paid off with mega bucks and stocks from AIG and other insider companies to betray their nation,  but the others were like this Governor and not allowed to do the "Right" thing to help his people.   He did not fit with the protocols and the New World Order Fascist agenda resulting from those protocols.   Thus the machine of destruction kicked in.  In using our FBI for "POLITICAL REASONS" is a crime and felony at that.  This is major jail time for whoever ordered the FBI to do what they have done.  I consider this on par with 9-11 and some one needs to help go after those behind this since that then corrupts the entire system and 9-11's can be done all day long with no consequences if this is allowed to stand.   I believe its that important.   I hope someone with hacking ability feels the same way.  LOL,  Just kidding. ahem.

The Real Reason Gov. Rod Blagojevich was Arrested and Convicted‏
Posted by Vincent L. Guarisco on June 28, 2011,  The 12160 Blog, previously Snardfarkers 

From: Jim Condit Jr.
June 28, 2011 NA (Network America) e-wire

Real Reason Gov. Rod Blagojevich was Arrested and Convicted

What was Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich doing the day before he was arrested at his home at 7 AM in the morning on December 9, 2008?   He was holding a televised press conference with the workers of a struggling factory in Chicago behind him. And . . .

In that press conference, on December 8, 2008,  Blago was announcing that he had ordered every agency in the State of Illinois to stop doing business with the Bank of America -- until the Bank of America released some of the billions of the bailout money that institution had just received – in order to provide struggling businesses in Illinois with the lines of credit they needed to continue employing their workers and survive the (Bankster created) “hard times” the nation was “going through”.

The press conference was being held in the weeks before Christmas, and Blago was also trying to arrange food deliveries for the abruptly laid off  workers and their families so they could have a reasonably good Christmas.



The next morning, December 9, 2008 – FBI enforcers (wittingly or unwittingly, we don’t know) for the
Rothschild Banksters showed up at Governor Blagojevich’s home, and basically rousted him out of bed to put him in handcuffs.  Thanks to an email alert from the intrepid video service, BrasscheckTV.com, -- I was alerted to this televised press conference and this “strange  coincidence” of the “next day” arrest -- a few
days after the back to back events had transpired.

Once I saw the 4 minute video at BrasscheckTV (now removed by YouTube, but a grainier one has
replaced it, see below), I remember thinking to myself how strange it was that the FBI went to  Blago’s house to arrest him in his pajamas in front of his family at 7 AM – when they knew he would be at the Governor’s office a few hours later.

The reason for this RUDE way of arresting a sitting Governor was to send the message to all sitting public officials in the USA that they had no power compared to the Rothschild/Goldman Sachs

Talmudic-Jewish Shadow Government that is really  running “our” country via money, the big media, the secret computer-count votefraud system on election days, the occupied Congress, and the occupied White House.

Here are two videos on Youtube. The first is introductory to the second (and can be viewed above), but the second is the actual press conference.


The actual Blagojevich press conference, grainier in quality – but see it before it is taken down by the ADL-Abe Foxman infected YouTube.


And while the brasschecktv.com page no longer has the original video, their analysis below the video on this page is just about right on target.



I’m not inclined to be overly favorable to Blago.

Here is a man with a Serbian, Orthodox Christian background who is pro-abortion in his public stance. And I don’t like the sound of the audio tapes with Blago insinuating, it seems, that he wants some consideration for appointing someone to a Senate seat. But that’s not the point.

Let’s assume Blago is crooked. BUT – there are HUNDREDS of far bigger crooks out there than former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich – among them, current Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel, Senator Chris Dodd, and Barack Hussein Obummer himself, etc., etc., etc., etc. And these men are all DARLINGS of the same Bankster controlled mainstream media that has vilified Blago.

To cite Pat Buchanan’s great line about Nixon and  Watergate: “He rustled a calf, and was hung by the  biggest horse thieves in town.”  This line applies to Blago also. He was arrested and has now been convicted in a second trial (whatever happened to double jeopardy?) for his virtues, not his vices.

In the press conference you will see something I never remember seeing in my lifetime: a prominent sitting office holder clearly standing up for the American people against the criminal Banksters in New York City and Washington D.C.

In this press conference, I see a now-grown up American kid with an ethnic background, who is doing what he had always wanted to do – stand up  for the common people. It’s a type of “real” moment rarely seen in American politics since the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963.

If what Blago was doing caught on, it could have been the beginning of a proper exposure of what these evil Money Changers are doing to America and the world.


Of course, Blago was on the right track. He should have gone further and called for the arrest of the Talmudic Jew moral monsters (VN:  Khazar, Babylonian Talmudic  etc...Let tell truth here and be very precise)  running the banking system in New York City and Washington D.C. –  starting with Ben Bernanke at the FED, and all the officers of Goldman Sachs in New York City.   But, of course, even now, Blago knows better than to cite this as the real reason for his arrest.

As one YouTube commenter stated: “Suspending  business with Bank Of America is the REAL reason they wanted to get rid of him. Actually, he must be happy he did not end up like some Kennedy with a bullet in his head because that is the "normal" way the secret power holders deal with politicians that do not do what banksters tell them to.

So, God bless you, Rod, for trying to do the right thing. Thanks to youtube we now know the truth.” In this one case, I agree with the above sentiment. (Even YouTube is still free enough that people can get these types of videos up, at least for a while.)

Also, note in the video the leader of the workers who speaks after Blago. He is not identified by CNN, as is often the case when the Big Networks don’t want to facilitate networking amongst honest, normal Americans. But he says some very insightful things, such as, “The workers must be paid enough to buy the products they produce.”

-- Along those lines, see the “Money Myth Exploded” by Louis Even, and his two essays which follow the cartoon parable. These short articles explains how the money system would be run (essentially) by an Office of American Credit, established by an honest Congress – after we clean house and end the abominable FED. Find it here:


Hang in, our full video offensive and “Total  Victory in our Life Time” program is coming.

Jim Condit Jr.
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Inform Editors said...

Very much to the point. Blago was/is not any kind of extraordinarily crooked politician. He merely was doing business as usual, I think, and appropriately attempted to get some of the bailout funds directed towards We, The People, instead of handed to European Banks and interests and AIG crooks.
That did not suit the D.C. CONS! The rape us, financially, then insist on giving our tax money away to foreign interests and big corporations instead of helping The American People.