Message about the Vatic Daily from the Vatic Clerk

A few comments submitted to articles as well as some off-list messages indicate that the Vatic Project hasn't communicated its status very well to you, our loyal readers. Our apologies.

Some variation of the Vatic Daily will return, although quite possibly not daily so don't be disappointed. Remains to be seen. If you aren't subscribed, we encourage you to do so. If you were subscribed, you probably still are. In either case, don't hold your breath in wondering when such a vatic mailing will grace your inbox.

A combination of infiltration, burn-out, and hunger has led the principle poster to this project, Vatic Master, to take a step back to re-group and earn money. One step back to go two forward. New options and methods are being explored, including how the Vatic Daily is handled.

Until it gets published again at some frequency, we encourage you to get your fill of vatic news directly on the Vatic Project. The temporary filler postings from Vatic Clerk are scheduled early and all at once to allow you to catch up with one visit a day, although the Vatic Master has found time to add surprises and notes that often appear before noon.

We thank you for your patience and wish you all the best in your open-minded research into truths that brings you here.

The acting Vatic Clerk (Bruecke)

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