Vatic Note:  If what he says is true, 7/7 was and is an occult date just like 9/11 was such a date.  Further, that is the date of the London bombing on 7/7/07, remember???  Its time to contact the spouses, family and friends of our military and law enforcement.   Further if they did plant explosives, then that is treason big time and a death penalty offence during time of war.  Remember we have published the Navy map of the end result of the split in the country showing the "BREAD BASKET" being flooded and thus their promised famine as a result.   Then they will have gov sponsored riots, and then they will declare martial law.  Its not our government, they are occupied under threat of their lives and blackmail.   ITS THE KHAZAR BANKERS INTERNATIONAL ROTHSCHILD AND ITS TIME TO TAKE CARE OF THEM IN EUROPE.   Time to find Soros and take care of him as well, Bill  Gates and some others.  We all know who they are.   If they kill one more American, we must response.  They not only created the rains and floods, but also blew the levies and now they are going to bomb the damns.  Those in the midwest, must get out as fast as possible.  He should have said "they are going to kill UNARMED Americans".  

Our town has foreign soldiers from France and Italy that we have met and run into as well as officers in the military wearing 'BOFAMET GOAT" on the back of his teeshirt.  It was no doubt who the picture was of and the hand sign it was making which means "I love Satan", so I asked him if he were military?  He almost dropped his colonel false teeth and hummed and hawed and finally asked me "Why did you say that"?   I said its because of your tshirt with Bofamet,   the Goat God of Satan.   He did not respond and left in a big hurry. This tells me they are definitely getting ready for martial law..... and that explains to me why the foreign troops are here, in order to keep  control over the situation.   SO HIDE THOSE GUNS AND AMMO in a place where you can easily reach them without them easily  finding them.   DO NOT TAKE THEM ON ALONE.  That is what they want.  Wait till they leave and get together with others and plan.  You should probably do that now.   WALKIE TALKIES are a good idea for those  in rural areas.   NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS WITHOUT A FIGHT. 


Posted By: NaturalWisdom, Rumormillnews.com 

Date: Monday, 27-Jun-2011 19:59:25

Factions working inside and outside our corrupt Federal and State Govts are deliberately orchestrating a 'Staged Disaster' in the upper Midwest starting with the Gavin's Point Dam that was reported in this video in June 20, 2011.


Our group [TerralO3 does not reveal the group name] has known for some time that this kind of staged event would take place in the upper Midwest, but now the intelligence reports are painting a precise picture of what is actually going to take place. Everyone in the Midwestern USA downstream from these dams is in GREAT DANGER. The corrupt Govt is deploying troops into these areas to in anticipation of a great catastrophe, but without warning the general public!

Their plan is to 'divide' the USA by a great wall of water, until the ELE dwarf star gets here and liquifies the entire central USA from Louisiana to Michigan. The salt dome under the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana was destroyed during the Gulf Oil Crisis, so that ELE will shake the entire region and cause the entire region to collapse!

Check out the motel rooms in the Midwest to see if you have troops everywhere with orders to remain there until 7/7/2011. Then explain to me WHY they are staying in those rooms away from their families for two weeks?? They know the Gavin Point Dam is wired with explosives and they also know that dam has cracks that can let go at any moment. If the dam does not break by 7/7/2011, the plan is to detonate the explosives and cause the 'Staged Event.'


Navy Map Of Future:

ELE 7/7 Warning Video:

ELE 6/27 Gavin Point Dam:

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Anonymous said...

There are numerological indicators as well. 7/7/07 and 7/7/11 are 1460 days apart (1+4+6=11) and the date (7+7+2+0+1+1=9) That's 9 and 11.

Anonymous said...

London bombings were 7/7/05 not 7/7/07. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/7_July_2005_London_bombings

Please do some fact checking so you don't lose your credibility. Thanks!

Vatic Master said...

Oh, wow, I had no idea..... fascinating stuff. Too bad these people are so evil, it would have been nice to have them on our side.

Vatic Master said...

Oh, come on Anonymous, you wouldn't have anything to complain about if we never made some mistakes now would you? LOL What I would like you to know is that most of the readers here judge us by a whole body of work and not by "ONE MISTAKE" or even two over the entire time we have been up.

However, some people do not pay any attention to what is important, rather they look for something to complain about because researching and digging and "thinking" and "commenting" on the meat of the issue takes time and thought. That is tooo much work for some people, but simply checking on a date to highlight a mistake is easy and that is all they are capable of contributing. Now who is sadder off of the two???

Sorry, but when a site has over two thousand articles and a mistake or two is made, and then they proceed to try and tell me that a whole body of work would be ignored on credibility because we made one mistake, is laughable. All this highlights is your obsession with being right. YOUR CREDIBILITY has somehow been tied into your being "right" rather than informative. How sad. In my world and with most of my readers, our credibility would not be judged based on one mistake. Or even two.

IT WOULD BE AND HAS BEEN JUDGED ON THE ENTIRE BODY OF WORK. And guess what? We, as imperfect humans, will probably make more mistakes in the future as you will in your life. GET USED TO IT AND EMOTIONALLY GROW UP.

Anonymous said...

USACE put out a release June 25, 2011, saying they are going to release a record volume of water out of the Ft. Randall dam on July 7th, 2011. They are encouraging the public to come watch this historic event. The link to the release is below.

For reference: Release #NR062411b