South Pole Death Mystery - Who killed Dr Rodney Marks? - Part II

***UPDATE: As we have continued doing more research the picture is building.  We have blogs coming up after this one over the next few days so watch for them as we build this picture backwards.  So far, with only maybe half read and put up,  I am beginning to believe this has to do with Mars.  You will see the strange timing on all this from as early as the early 80's when an obscure Professor at the Univ of AZ in Tucson decided to do a comprehensive study of the Antarctica and the progression since then, you may see what I saw was a movement by him and his fledgeling company from such geological research into mars as a major part of his company and the coincidence that reseach facilities were built by the EU to train for Mars exploration.  How did he move from geological interest in the Antarctica to interests in Mars?  Would any of this have to do with the death of the scientist or murder, I should say in the Antartica at those facilities?  The obvious coverup?  or even the destruction of those facilities by the US with a space weapon?   Lots emerging of serious interest.   Stay with us on this one.  We just got this one.  Its a blurb about what was going on in the Antarctic during this period in which the scientist was murdered.

Pegasus Field, Antarctica: Scouring Old Wounds 2000 - 2001


This is a modern report of cleanup operations from the military activities in Antarctica, specifically around McMurdo Station, Key points are;

- "In 1994, soil samples from around the station pinpointed six hot spots with at least 10,000 parts per million of total petroleum hydrocarbons, 100 times the maximum allowed in the United States." - Kristan Hutchison
- "The garbage and spilled fuel had been accumulating since the station was established in 1956" - Bill Gilmore environmental manager
- "Already the environmental department has removed 2,000 tons of fuel contaminated soil and 697 drums of fuel, ice and soil from McMurdo in the past two seasons." - Kristan Hutchison

Editors Note: The above major cleanup effort says two things of importance. The first is that major activity has been going on here since 1956; Second, judging by the amount of waste produced daily today there is still ongoing major activity. The sheer quantity of waste, contaminated soil, fuel spills and metal dynamited to the ocean floor is proof of something major taking place. Both these articles mention the Navy as the main players in the region since 1956 (VN:  Military of course, so why?  What is of interest to the military all that time and at the expanse indicated by the transportation, flights, and debri left behind?)

Vatic Note:  We had started a while back with the obscure video of an insider regarding the destruction by a US space weapon of both french and Italian Antartic research facilities located in the south pole.  Once we realized this may well be connected to the planet that maybe coming or some space anomoly,  we decided to dig deeper and what a rabbit hole we have uncovered here.  This is just the beginning.  We will be publishing more, but please note, that much information about all of this is disappearing as fast as its coming up.  The last post we did on the antartica had a video that is now gutted we found out today.   So if we are able to put stuff up such as additional videos, please download them since  articles and videos about this subject are disappearing fast.  It could well be that these two stations were tracking stations for earthquakes and we know the planned false flag for those now that it was proven HAARP was used in Japan.   That could be the other reason all of this is happening. It appears this all began with the death/murder of this scientist back in 2000 and its gotten hairier ever since, he was in the Antarctica working for New Zealand, so something is definitely important that we are not suppose to know.  Another scientist has bitten the dust. 

South Pole Death Mystery - Who killed Dr Rodney Marks?

Antarctica Connection #001
Sunday Star Times, Auckland, New Zealand
Sunday, 21 January 2007

Scientist Rodney Marks died at the South Pole in May 2000. Months later, tests showed he had been poisoned by a lethal dose of methanol. Dogged efforts by New Zealand authorities to investigate his puzzling death have been stonewalled by Marks' American employers. Now documents obtained under America's Freedom of Information Act suggest diplomatic heat is being brought to bear on the NZ inquiry. Andrea Hotere reports.

An American government department appears to be applying diplomatic pressure to the New Zealand police investigation into the mysterious death of an Australian scientist poisoned at the South Pole.

Police have said Dr Rodney Marks, a brilliant young astrophysicist who died in 2000 from a lethal dose of methanol, may have been murdered. They said suicide was "the least likely scenario" to explain his death.

But New Zealand investigators have been frustrated by a lack of co-operation from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the US body that runs the US Antarctic programme and for whom Marks, 32, worked.

The death is being investigated in New Zealand with the agreement of American and Australian authorities, and Christchurch coroner Richard McElrea has adjourned his inquest.

Documents obtained by the Sunday Star-Times under America's Freedom of Information Act include a letter sent last month by Christchurch investigating officer, detective senior sergeant Grant Wormald, to the NSF.

Wormald wrote: "I am aware that Mr Blum (actually Bloom) of the United States State Department has written to Mr Trevor Hughes from the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) questioning my perseverance in the conducting of this enquiry."

Wormald had earlier told the inquest into Marks' death that police had spent four years trying to get information from the American authorities that appeared to have investigated the death, but it was unclear how far their inquiries went.

No significant reports from NSF, or its contractor, Raytheon Polar Services, who ran the South Pole station, were available. Raytheon Polar Services is an offshoot of the multi-billion-dollar Raytheon Company Ltd, a US defence and aerospace systems supplier.

Any information would have helped police and consequently the coroner's inquiry, Wormald said.

Last week, Wormald would not comment on why he had written in those terms to NSF, but Green Party foreign affairs spokesman Keith Locke said the letter's content appeared to indicate diplomatic pressure.

He said whatever doubts American authorities had about jurisdiction issues, they had a moral obligation to "offer the fullest cooperation and encourage full investigation, especially when a person dies in strange circumstances".

MFAT's policy unit head Trevor Hughes said the letter expressed Wormald's interpretation, which he said was incorrect. Hughes said the NSF had done more than it was obliged to do to co-operate with the New Zealand police investigation; his legal advice was that the NSF only had to cooperate voluntarily.

The Freedom of Information Act documents add to the police's confusion about what investigations were done into Marks' death by the US organisations.

NSF spokesman Jeff Nesbit last week told the Star-Times that the NSF had not investigated Marks' death; the only investigation done was medical.

But a letter dated June 15, 2005, by Dr Karl Erb, Director of the Office of Polar Programmes, states: "A great deal of time and effort has gone into the analysis (of Marks' death)."

Another letter, dated December 1, 2006 from Wormald to the NSF, suggests his most recent inquiries from people at the station when Marks died revealed that all ethanol bottles and a still for producing alcohol of some sort had been found and repatriated to the US by the NSF.

The documents also include the police survey sent to the 50 people at the Pole when Marks died. It includes questions about intravenous drug use (at the inquest in December, it was reported Marks had three needle marks in his right arm) and drinking games at the station.

Nesbit said Raytheon Polar Services, as the NSF's contractor for Antarctic services, assumed all "audit, accounting and responsibility" and was responsible for medical care that Marks received.

SOURCE: Sunday Star Times, Auckland, New Zealand

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

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idiot savant said...

Dear people,

I would point out Raytheon, the same that is responsible for the various HAARP stations all over the world, including the one in Brazil, west of Sao Paulo, in Australia, the best-"known" (actually, heard-about( in Poker Flats, not Gakona, which is a decoy of sorts, and other locations, presumably.

That there is something worth keeping secret (to them) at the South Pole, and the North Pole while we are at it, is beyond doubt. Whoever has looked into this for a short time will come to this conclusion.

You can take Dan Eden's book "The Never Ending" as fiction, but fact is, this is what is happening: a lot of mighty strange and lethal things, while we are being kept distracted.

McMurdo and Rockefeller, check into that connection. Has a piece of Antarctica named after him, or is it some other Rock & Fella? The Vatican-owned telescopes looking 24/7 at the sun. Oh, Operation High Jump in 1947, a fully armed carrier group (military) went on a mission to Antarctica, all hush-hush (and some more hush, as no FOIA request will ever unseal the docs. Go lawyers, be useful for fucks sake only once and deal with this. Of course you won't you woossies.

Sorry, went off on a tangent. Yes, Raytheon is interesting, so say the least. Ray of Theo, how bout that, Dorothy? God's Ray? WTF?

It becomes a LOT clearer when you put yourself through the one hour or so of "The Never Ending", because Dan Eden went to Poker Flats, Alaska, and saw the real antenna array, shown by whistle blowers. A true piece of investigation.

Now we have the fingerprints of HAARP use on Haiti and Fuck You Shima, just to name the latest ones for those whose memory has been fluorided out of the way, José. Yes, fingerprints in the form of 2.5 Hertz frequencies being beamed over Japan, hours before the haarpquake. And unusual heating of the ionosphere over Japan in hours prior. Same thing, HAARP "works" the ionosphere, its in the US Patent Office, moron. Sorry about that.

Yes, fingerprints. Thing is, no sheep has ever investigated a wolf fuckup, much less a crime.

idiot savant