Did the US Attack France and Italy with Space based weapon?

Vatic Note:  I put this back up again because we now have more information than we did when we first told you about this.   Both french and italian stations were made in operative in the South Pole, so why???  well, read this below and see "one reason" that it could be, but another we had not discussed back then was the possible coming of Nibiru.   

It is coming from the south and thus the first stations that would have seen it would be those on the south pole.   I believe that is a second reason why they did it, since that would make disclosure early and they needed it kept quiet until they finished their early depopulation murder agenda to coincide with the arrival of the planet.  

Remember, the goal is 6 billion dead and the coming planet will not achieve that, so they want to begin this early through disease, nukes, floods,  food contamination, bioweapons by genotype, false flags etc. and the rest after the planet leaves,  carefully genetically engineered through sterilization vaccines, (Bill Gates), DNA manipulation,  eugenics and the health care system that would allow those "useless" feeders to die off, such as seniors,  handicapped and those unable to work as good little slaves.   

That pretty much sums it up how they intend to rule after the planet leaves.  They will use the survivors as slaves IF THEY WANT TO EAT AND HAVE WATER, which will be controlled completely by the surviving shadow governments.   I do not believe they will succeed and why?

Because they are anal retentive control freaks,  and that never works.   We see it all the time.  So much of what they had planned has failed,  and they are unable to adapt or be spontaneous or creative, so they lose and we are able to be both spontaneous, adaptive, and creative so we have the upper hand.   

That is why I believe in the end they will lose.  Also, we will realize we have nothing to lose and that combined with the passion of watching loved ones die at their hand, will motivate without caring if they live or die.   That is a distinct advantage over the evil  ones who ONLY care about their survival, power and wealth.  That is why they will lose. THAT IS WHY  THEY HAVE NEVER WON IN ALL THESE CENTURIES.   And this will be no different.

Concordia Station - Miles Johnston - Underground Video UK

By:   Mike Philbin,  Free Planet Blog
Date:  April 17, 2010

I was looking into wild claims that the US Army, Russian Army and/or the Japanese Yakuza had EARTHQUAKE or VOLCANO activating weapons and kept bumping my nose up against the figure of Lt. Col. Tom Bearden - this post isn't about him, yet, as it seems like a real muddied intel picture.

This, however, is CLEAR AS A BELL.

Miles Johnston reports on the attack on the French Italian base in the south pole in September 2009. The Concordia Station team was rescued a month after the base’s instrumentation, transmitters and earthquake measuring equipment were destroyed. This base could have measured the earthquake data leading to Haiti’s quake which some believe has triggered further volcanic activity. Recorded near London’s Heathrow airport, where all UK airspace was grounded due to volcanic ash coming from Iceland. [source UNDERGROUND VIDEO UK]

Refute that!

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Alpár said...

So...the banker elite took down that base cuz they could have found out the Truth. Basically what we're seeing now is the terror these bankers uphold. They can cause earthquakes anywhere on the planet, they own a butload of nukes, they run the banks, markets, moneyflow and what not. So they more or less own us, and control us. And the people in Haiti are one of their first victims. I wouldn't be surprised if the earthquake in China was caused by the H.A.A.R.P. device as well. And anywhere in the world, like the earthquake in Iceland , which resulted the volcano activity.

sewa mobil said...

nice information....thanks

Vatic said...

On the surface you are right in your assessment, but they have a very very serious weakness which will lead to their downfall, either soon or eventually.

That weakness is covered in two other articles that will go up today. Almost all of the key positions in World gov countries, except poland and Iceland, are positioned with the elites had picked people. What they have in common, is most, like Bush, and probably Obama, where sexually abused as children and then trained and mind controlled through drugs and sexual pedophilia. Remember the outting of Bush's sexual and drug and alcohol proclivities, that was no accident.

These are satanists and that is how they get these people early on. Its why no one at the top whisleblows, its why they are controlled with blackmail or mind control. Its the explanation for the depth and scope of that control by the 13 families. This goes way deeper than we ever realized.

Now with the digit TV's and the black conversion boxes, and soon, through the health care plan, the RFID chipping, they will have extended this mind control into the general population.

You ask, "THEN HOW CAN THIS BE A WEAKNESS?" The answer is, because it does not work 100%, and in addition it requires the technology to be inplanted either in our homes, our drugs, or our bodies. Well, many are waking up and rejecting even analogue TV as well as digital. Many are refusing to join the health care system and the RFID chipping.

Enough of us are already awake and its spreading. Ask Jay Rockefeller who screamed in front of a CSPAN camera in a committee meeting "THE INTERNET IS RUINING EVERYTHING". And he was right, it is and that is their weakness. They need the internet to keep us from acting out and planning and doing. They need the internet to track what we know and what we think.

Without it they are blind as bats and I am waiting for them to censor it so we can get off our duffs and get out there and start identifying their assets, who the bankers are, the ceo's, the foreign intel people and start doing what we should be doing to stop all this.

ITS COMING. It will happen, it always does. And that is the KEY TO THEIR WEAKNESS, ARROGANCE AND THE BELIEF THEY HAVE COVERED EVERYTHING AND THEY HAVE NOT because of their own brainwashing on their operatives. THE IRONY IS HILARIOUS.

Anonymous said...

This is not about anything relative to the article, other than Tom Bearden. My neighbor taught missle guidance at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama (he is in his 70s, and has German ancestry). More than once over the years, I ran something by him that Bearden had posted. He could and would never refute ANYTHING Bearden said. Take it to the bank, in my opinion, if Bearden says it.

Anonymous said...

TV programming, is just that - programming the mind. The frequency put out by Television is negative, mind controlling. It is as simple as this, shut of your TVs!!!

A test was done on voices, before and after TV viewing - this measure shown/graphed proves what TV watching does to the mind just after a few minutes.
The software is free -

Hopefully in time, Sharry will write an article about this.
Everything is a frequency and we humans not only are a frequency,
we are manipulated in this way.