Irish Take To The Streets In Protest, Unhappy About The Queen’s Visit

Irish Take To The Streets In Protest, Unhappy About The Queen’s Visit

May 18, 2011 , Alternative News Report, uploaded by itnnews on May 17, 2011

Irish nationalists have clashed with police officers in Dublin during the Queen's visit to Ireland.

Vatic Note: I always said the Irish had good sense. If the Queen were smart, right now, she would best hunker down in Windsor castle and keep a low profile until this blows over. Right now there is serious talk about bringing back a true heir to the throne in the form of a steward or other bloodline of real British blood and rid the throne of the khazar Queen and her offspring. The Queen is like every other snake Khazar in that they never belong where they are found, and they never can keep what is theirs. Its a curse, but if they focused fully on understanding how to retain power and control through the support of the people, then they could finally keep someplace, like the land given to them by Stalin located in Russia that they have not bothered to build up into anything, just like they have done with Israel, which they are about to lose soon. Anyway, this is a great watch. Those Irish are definitely not afraid and are not timid.


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Anonymous said...

This disgusting "queen" lizard, reptile child molesting and killing piece of garbage should be run out of Ireland and England and put in a living museum for psycho-sociopaths. This museum should exhibit the entities we need to isolate from human civilization if we have any hope of survival. Just what are you "queen" of other than evil?

WRB5 said...

Dear Queen of England and related family of snakes: don't tread on me!