The Iron Range (pt 1 Wellstone: They Killed Him)

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Vatic Note: Well, is this a Conspiracy or another "coincidence" along with JFK assassination, JFK Jr, Carnahan, Dr. Flu investigation for the SARS virus for China to determine if it was a bioweapon, Anthrax attack on Senator Leahy? Then we have the victim survivor of a 9-11 spouse who talked with Obama who agreed to meet her and see the evidence she had and she was killed in a plane crash less than a week afterwards before she could meet with him . Notice all these victims were killed the same way in a low flying plane getting ready to land and boom, all of them crashed, but what makes this even more interesting, was the fact that Carnahans crash did not have his wife on board and she then took his place on the ballot and BEAT ASHCROFT in that race. THIS TIME AROUND Wellstones wife was also killed in the crash so no way she could run in his place. Another COINCIDENCE in the Carnahan and Wellstone races, were that the day or so, after the killing of both of them over $1 million dollars was deposited into the campaigns of both their opponents from a secretive PAC from the exact same place out of state. Was it a coincidence or a conspiracy of murder???

Well, we now know that JFK was killed by Mossad as were those victims on 9-11. That we do know, further, we also know Israel did not want JFK Jr to run for that Senate seat that Hillary won. He had declared he was going to file the papers to run for that senate seat and boom, he is dead. Another coincidence you say??? Now Hillary has control of US foreign policy which benefits Israel. Lots to think about when you watch this. If these people were killed then that is a coup against our government and from the looks of it, by a foreign country called Israel. No one else benefited from these "accidents" more than the neocons did. Oh, and don't forget, in the videos two different witnesses heard rapid gun fire after the crash or during the crash, I was unsure which.

The Iron Range (pt 1 Wellstone: They Killed Him)
Uploaded by Yoryevrah on Nov 9, 2010, contributed to Vatic by M. Palecek, USA

Senator Paul Wellstone, his wife Sheila, daughter Marcia, aides Tom Lapic, Will McLaughlin, Mary McEvoy, along with pilot Richard Conry and co-pilot Michael Guess were killed October 25, 2002 at approximately 10:18 in the morning. It was a public execution. Those who needed the message got it. Keep your mouth shut about the war, shut your yap about 9/11.

Part I - They killed him
Part One tells the story of who Wellstone was, his relationship was to the people of northern Minnesota - The Iron Range. Even the Fox News-watchers regarded Wellstone with love or profound respect -- though they were primed to think he was Enemy Number One. The three fundamental questions in investigating a crime are motive, means, and opportunity. Of course, to pull off an assassination of this sort... well, we're getting ahead of our story.   (Watch these videos)


Part II - They killed him
Paul Wellstone: They Killed Him (part 2 of 15) Sen. Wellstone, Democrat, Minnesota, made his anti-war speech in the Senate on October 3, 2002. Three weeks later he was dead, victim (along with wife and daughter, three aides, pilot and co-pilot) of an assassination. Vice President Cheney personally threatened Wellstone to shut his mouth. About what? This 2-hour documentary tries to answer that question and others about Wellstone's death and the non-investigation and cover-up.


Part III - Witnesses
The Wellstone plane (41 Bravo Echo) flew over Rod Allen's home, nearly hitting the trees. This was 5 miles from Eveleth-Virginia Airport.There were no running lights, no strobeing lights, nothing. The turboprop was dropping, flying sideways-crabbed to the right. The eye-witness thought nobody was in control of the plane. And in the nearby woods, Mike Zupetz was scouting out a good spot for deer hunting season coming up next week when he heard rapidly repeating shots from a high-powered weapon. Then he heard the crash. The FBI told witness Mike Zupetz to keep quiet. His testimony subsequently didn't appear in the NTSB Report. Rod Allen's testimony about popping noise coming, perhaps, from the plane, was ignored. Pilot Gary Ulman expected to see black smoke from a plane crash, not the grey-white smoke that he saw. Ulman and Fayal Township fire chief Shykes got a close look at the melted fuselage. UPS pilot Ray Juntunen testifies that the weather was no problem a little earlier when he landed a Queen Air, sister-craft to the Wellstone King Air A-100.


Part IV - First Responders
Fire-fighters and EMTs were on the scene about 2 hours after the plane crashed. The fire had melted the fuselage; it was still burning with a white-blue flame, a metal fire. It was obvious to pilot Gary Ulman when he first spotted the plane from the air, that nothing could survive the fire raging in the fuselage below. Fayal Township Fire Dept. Chief Steve Shykes, when he flew over the scene with Gary Ulman to direct his emergency crew, agreed: nothing had survive that fire. That was the verdict of first-responders Therese Elverum, Nick Johnson, Erik Jankila, Laura Korpi and DNR fire-fighter Tom Nikolanci. After surveying the scene, and making futile attempts to put out the fire, the first-responders decided to just let fire burn itself out. The spot fires from kerosene-based jet fuel that spilled from the severed wings were very localized and easily extinguished. But the 'metal fires,' of the fuselage area were burning with a blue-white flame. The rescue team was told to regard the situation as a crime scene: no press, no one goes in or out. Though only the NTSB had the mandate to do any investigation, the FBI was in charge, having arrived shortly after the first-responders. They were on the scene a full eight hours before the NTSB.


Part VI - Conspiracy Theory
The official story of the Wellstone crash was that it was caused by "pilot error." This probably wasn't the first choice, but the weather was too calm, ice wasn't a problem, the plane was in good shape. The official story is that both pilots ignored stall warnings and screaming passengers and just let the plane stall after saying there were no problems, seven miles from Eveleth-Virginia airport. To question this explanation is to be denigrated as a conspiracy theorist. The system works pretty well if the few facts that emerge are lost in a maelstrom of rumor and ad hominem. The FBI decreed just hours after the crash that there was no conspiracy (in order to preempt the conspiracy theories). Those brave people not sufficiently intimidated by the FBI's decree (sort of a hypnotic command) who brought contradictory information to law enforcement officers that they knew and (sometimes) trusted, were taken to the FBI who intimidated them and lied to them. "Don't say anything. We'll get back to you." Then the entire FBI investigation does not appear in the 2500-page National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) report that physicist John Costella read and dissects for us. What evidence is there to question the official story? The evidence suppressed by the FBI and the NTSB, partly revealed here.


There are more videos, but these provide sufficient suspicion that they did in fact, kill him. He was like a bulldog when he glomed onto an issue like investigating 9-11. If you wish to see the rest simply click on any of these links and look to the right for the next in the series. Part V is missing. No explanation either.

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