US Troops Execute 10 Afghan Children

Vatic Note: This is definitely not our troops doing this. I suspect these are the satanist now welcomed into the military and children are the sacrifice (see video) for the innocences of their blood to be spilled similar to the fire sacrifice to Molech which is practiced at the Bohemian grove by our leaders. Remember also that the top eschelon in the military are the children of the illuminati who are raised as satanists and mind controlled and designated for various occupations that we have shown on this blog here and here.
 Please also note this from the military itself all about satanism as if it were an integral part of their service. When you read all these links you will understand why I believe deeply that the little girl that was killed born on 9/11/2001 was a target for satanic purposes as was the selection of  the street, named "ORACLE ROAD", also the store is on the 32 parallel. It would explain a lot about some of the inhumane acts our military has done that we cannot fathom since most are such good people. Remember, suicide rates are way up in the military right now and why is that??? Is it because those are the ones who refuse to join or partake in these sacrifices??? Were these children more than what they said?  Were they a sacrifice of innocence to the molech god or satan???

This is the way to get the globe to hate us so much that they will come together and declare war enmass on us here in the USA, and ITS EXACTLY WHAT THE ZIONIST KHAZAR BANKERS DID IN NAZI GERMANY THROUGH CONTROL OF HITLER JUST LIKE THEY HAVE CONTROL OF OBAMA. Remember, Hitler, was a Rothschild and Obama on his mothers side was Jewish. That is why its so ludicrous when someone says he is muslim when the only religious symbol allowed at the WHite House at Christmas was the Menora.... does that sound muslim to you????.

US Troops Execute 10 Afghan Children
January 8, 2010 # 2

US Troops Execute 10 Afghan Children: Protest rallies in Kabul & Jalalabad.

A First: Obama burned in Effigy.   (VN:  oh, that can't be possible, didn't he get the Nobel prize for "PEACE"?, shows you what has happened to  that august body who hands these out.... we can't trust any of the globes institutions anymore including the nobel committee, what a shame and they talk about us being cattle and animals,  I think we know who the animals really are now,  those satanizing our military who are in control of the pentagon,  the khazar zionist bankers dual israeli citizens.  Our good men are being suicided)

On December 26, 2009, in a remote area of Kunar province, US troops went into a village, took out 10 children, 6 of them only 12 years old, and killed them. Probably the troops were enraged that they could not find the Taliban sniping at them This atrocity has outraged the general population in the cities of Kabul and Jalalabad where there is little support for the Taliban.

On December 30, Afghans demonsrated in those two cities and held Obama responsible for the crimes. For the first time he was burned in effigy.

Associated reported the tragic events as follows [within parenthesis]. {empasis added}

[Several hundred Afghans demonstrated in the capital and in the eastern city of Jalalabad where the likeness of Obama, adorned with a small American flag, burned on a pole held above demonstrators. In Kabul, protesters carried signs that read: "Does peacekeeping mean killing children?" and "Stop killing us."

Karzai said in a statement that he talked to the relatives of the Kunar victims to express his condolences and pledge to bring to justice those responsible for the attack.

Asadullah Wafa, a senior adviser to Karzai who led a 10-member investigative team to Kunar province, said he was convinced that all those killed were innocent civilians.

"I have talked to the principal of the school in the village and he gave us details about the killed children," Wafa said. "The schoolchildren cannot be al-Qaida."

According to the NATO statement, the initial review by Wafa's delegation "asserted that the dead were unarmed civilians removed by international forces from their homes and shot."]

Latest on the execution of children [With thanks to Sis. Hamdiyya]. From the Times of London:

In a telephone interview last night, the headmaster [of the local school] said that the victims were asleep in three rooms when the troops arrived. "Seven students were in one room," said Rahman Jan Ehsas. "A student and one guest were in another room, a guest room, and a farmer was asleep with his wife in a third building.

"First the foreign troops entered the guest room and shot two of them. Then they entered another room and handcuffed the seven students. Then they killed them. Abdul Khaliq [the farmer] heard shooting and came outside. When they saw him they shot him as well. He was outside. That's why his wife wasn't killed."

A local elder, Jan Mohammed, said that three boys were killed in one room and five were handcuffed before they were shot. "I saw their school books covered in blood," he said.

The investigation found that eight of the victims were aged from 11 to 17. The guest was a shepherd boy, 12, called Samar Gul, the headmaster said. He said that six of the students were at high school and two were at primary school. He said that all the students were his nephews.

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Deep Throat said...

It's Oracle Road, Vatic. You might as well correct it. It's good the keep the facts straight, and all that, ok?

Jay said...

Now here's an irony:

Michael Savage, that old Zionist fraud, while posing as the 'only true American' and using captivating and prosaic language to demonsrate it -- constantly DEFENDS whatever terrible things the US troops really do here and there, now and then!

He then goes on to blame the Left for 'feminizing' the military. He even gets his gullible gentile/goyim listeners to donote money for legal aid to these military personnel accused of commiting these kinds of atrocious acts.

A lot of his listeners are jews themselves, undoubtedly Zionists. His modus operandi is to keep below the radar (all jews do this as a means of working their way in), in which manner he is able to manipulate minds with a willingness for the unsuspcted gentile/goyim to send their sons and daughters to go to endless wars that just "happen" to benefit Israel. He would have his listeners believe, however, that the MSM simply relegates him to a small little radio show because he "tells it like it is". Yeah, right. Modus operandi

I would love to see Savage's bank account(s).

He is the replacement for another shock jewish radio talk show host who said all the same kinds of things Savage says who, some years back -- and sorry I cannot remember the name -- was shot down and killed.


Vatic said...

Deep Throat: Sorry about that, but I am tired, so maybe you might want to be a contributor to the blog and help out??? This has gotten way bigger than I had expected and one person simply cannot do it anymore without starting to make mistakes and even if small, its not good.

Vatic said...

Jay, very interesting history. I have not gotten into Savage so I don't know much about him except heard his name a few times. I am suspect of controlled opposition on both left and right since they both have them. You have Rob Kall on the left newsmax on the right. They both promote the controllers agenda from their right/left positions. Its funny to watch them.

If you go to both sites one right after the other you can almost tell where they want them to direct the herd of cattle to. We are the cattle. lol