Why is Norway Prepping Underground Facilities???

Vatic Note: This was originally done in 2008 and he has a note on the video that he updated based on his research since then. See what he says below before we play the video, because the facilities underground are real, its just the REASON they were built has changed. It appears, according to him that its more about the pole shift than anything else being put out there since there will be ramifications for us when the shift occurs. I believe there will also be a regular pole shift as well since the position of the sun rise and sun set has dramatically changed, but it was important for you to see what preparations have been taken by the elite to save themselves and their designated cattle slaves for later on. I do believe that is where they are most vulnerable. Keep an eye on 1/11/11, as you know these are occult dates.

They are even less likely to have survival knowledge sufficient to save themsleves should their facilities in some way be made inoperational or taken over by others.  They have never done a real days work in their lives, and they won't be able to rely on technology when this happens, so they are vulnerable more than we are.   That is why I believe its important to see this.  IGNORE the drama pictures and music, but keep an eye out for the key signals of entrance, exist of all items in order to serve these facilities such as venting, fibre optics lines, sewer and water lines, etc.   This does not mean Nibiru is not coming, it just means that its not an extinction event, as its happened numerous times in the past. 

Norway Shows Underground Prep for Planet X/Nibiru
June 19, 2008

Authors note: "Friends, I no longer suspect that Nibiru represents the extinction-level event facing us in 2012 that I once did, when I first posted this video..... extensive research and contact with Astronomers 'In the know' have convinced me that this subject is not what is been touted to be........

My studies and research have shown that we are much more likely to experience Pole Shift, Electromagnetic Anomolies, Solar Flares and gravitational changes to the earth... caused by the effects of our solar system passing through the galactic center of the Milky Way Galaxy than we are to be affected by Planet X's alledged 3600 year elliptical orbit.

So please do not be fearful of Nibiru/planet X ...IMHO, we would be better served to be concerned about what is happening in the World and the US right now, including reckless unrestrained deficit government spending (when the country is already in the red...). Thats more likely to impact our lives NOW, and in the very near future than hostile UFO's, large planetary objects, passing near our solar system or any other extraterrestrial event I can think of .........." (end of authors note)

Norway underground preps - VIDEO


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