Bill Ryan's Project Avalon interviews a former minion of the so-called "Rulers of the World,"

Vatic Note:  Again this is one of those things you have to watch yourself and decide.   We have little to no one we can trust except our own feelings and judgement, so take this for what its worth.  What struck me is he said what the Mayan Shaman said, who I do not believe is part of the cabal, and that was these celestial events are going to happen but are not something for us to worry about.   Rather the GMO fiasco is something for us to worry about.   Now I found that interesting because he says its to create a famine and thus population reduction.  I watched this a second time and realized, the interviewee had total control of the interview and Ryan did not probe or ask questions that would have solicited serious information.  Everything the guy said is what we pretty much already knew, a bit like wikileaks.  Sorry.  I should have not done this in a hurry and paid more attention the first time around.   I am sorely disappointed.

Bill Ryan's Project Avalon interviews a former minion of the so-called "Rulers of the World,"
Video by Avalon, and presented by Forbidden Knowledge videos

Bill Ryan's Project Avalon interviews a former minion of the so-called "Rulers of the World," whose identity is being withheld for his safety and who is being called "Charles" for the purposes of the interview. Charles has a terminal illness & doesn't think anything can be done to change the status quo.

Many unprecedented revelations are made here, including:

- Genetically, there are bloodlines of people -- not necessarily family names -- and that these people have
known things for thousands of years and that this is why 2% of the people own 98% of the world's wealth. There are 33 controlling bloodlines who call themselves "Insiders."

-- "Disinformation is the most valuable thing in the world," and the 33 don't want to see "Anything that leads to relevant discourse."

-- He says crackpots who have been found to be useful idiots "have been funded."

-- The one thing NOT to be concerned about is a full-blown nuclear exchange. "It's not going to happen and if it were, it would have happened by now."

-- As to 2012: "That some massive phenomenon will destroy the Earth. Bollocks. I've been told we are are a binary [solar] system but that's not dangerous, in itself."

-- A geomagnetic reversal is imminent, that is not seen to be a major problem -- however, that's what the underground bases are for.

-- "If you want something to worry about: Corporations controlling Genetically Modified Foods."

-- it's not a matter of "if" it's a matter of "when" a deliberate state of mass famine will be created in targeted
areas. (Click on link to find out where it will be safe).

-- When asked about extraterrestrials, Charles says: "Let's call a spade a spade: they're there. They exist...It's impossible to hide the reality...We are being conditioned to accept that they exist -- but not for the reasons you think. They don't want anything to do with you."

-- Charles refers to the Space Shuttle feed of a 2-mile object with a tether, recorded from a Canadian satellite dish,  He says that this is an important piece of evidence. He then says, importantly: "It's *not* a ship. You should regard space as more like the ocean."

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- Alexandra

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Anonymous said...

I read the transcript of the interview and have followed the TPTB for number years. I find this interview to be rubbish. Bill Ryan posing questions that are neither relevant nor important information; it all has been hashed over before. One thing I would agree with all alternate news outlets do publish articles that are 90% disinformation and with much vain blabbing therefore I would agree again with “Charles” that alternative media is considered to be totally entertaining by them.

Vatic said...

I just about agree with everything you said. Ryan allowed the guy to control the interview and never touched on anything that would aid us in fighting this. However, I also agree with what he said about the controlled opposition press on both the left and the right.

They each play their role, but it is getting exposed to the light of day and now they have finally come out with what the agenda really is which is gun control. THEY CANNOT FINISH THEIR AGENDA WITH 800 MILLION GUNS OUT THERE WAITING FOR THEM. THE RUSSIANS NOR ANY COUNTRY WILL FACE AN ARMY OF ALMOST 150 MILLION PEOPLE. That is why they did this. They have to get those damn guns and we have do whatever it takes to keep them.

masontony54 said...

I agree, the gun agenda is an important one. I live in a country where guns have never been much of an issue but they still staged a savage False Flag Operation at Port Arthur to remove the small amount of weapons that people possess. I was stunned at how the population meekly handed over their weapons. We laugh at the political naivete of the Americans but it's topped by the meekness of the Australian people. Man! What a bunch of dummies!

masontony54 said...

The Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn Quote is especially important for we must be politically aware, enlightened enough so we KNOW when to kill and when not to Kill if we are to save our lives if threatened ILLEGALLY by the powers that be. More importantly we should work to ensure that it never reaches that point, that they are stopped before they come to our doors in the dead of the night armed and ready to kill us if we don't comply.