UFOs: Declassified from the Gemini Project

Vatic note:  This video is about earliest space flights before we ever attempted to go to the moon, so that is how very old these are.   Its makes them even more impressive since we would not have taken them seriously had they released these any sooner.  As it is, they were released as a result of massive FOIA requests that finally were honored many decades after the fact.

I have been seriously riding the fence on this subject.  Bill Cooper did a lot of exposure on the fact that there are aliens but that the PTB intend to use bogus aliens to globalize us into a fascist new world order.   Remember also we did a blog on the summary Iron Mountain Report that speaks to the same intentions. 

This video has changed all that where I am concerned along with other evidence provided by Tsarion about the origins of Evil  here, and here, ( pay special attention to this one since the censors had cut my links to this which I had to sneak in and fix twice now,  and SEE WHY THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TO SEE THOSE)  and other blogs we put up here on our DNA and who are we communicating with through our full blown language contained in our DNA that used to be called "Junk DNA".  

Then we understand why the evil ones are messing with our DNA,  too many other links related just to how bad they are messing with it,  was also pointed out but too numerous to put up here right now.   You may remember we did a ton of work on educating ourselves on the indepth understanding of our DNA and how unique it is and possibly a result of engineering by aliens and the evolution of humanity was done by God using  our spiritual consciousness. to do so.    We ended the series with the "Secret Power of the Mind"  here and here.   Its been difficult but after seeing this video and listening to the actual voices of the astronauts, at differnt times and different astronauts, I am closer to convinced we are definitely not alone.   Too much evidence now to discard the idea.   Remember though we do not know for sure if they are good guys or bad guys.   From what Bill Cooper said,  BOTH ARE HERE.  One on this planet (bad guys) and good guys in space and who we see when we encounter them. 

What all this means is we are POWERFUL and monitored by someone we do not know nor have we seen, and that is based on these audios and videos below from the late 50's and early 60's while still exploring earths orbit.  View and see for yourself along with the links above and make up your own mind as we all have to do.   But remember, its becoming very clear a lot of time and effort went into convincing us we are helpless and not powerful.... WELL, NOW WE KNOW WE ARE.  You cannot watch those videos above and not walk away understanding just what powerful beings we truly are.  The satanists know it as well and it's why they attack that which makes us so powerful and work so hard to keep that information from coming out to public view..   Enjoy and decide for yourself.

UFOs: Declassified from the Gemini Project
From LunaCognita

Before the Apollo program, there was the Gemini Project, during which NASA astronauts trained for the Apollo Mission on the Moon.

Gemini astronauts were some of the first to experience the weightlessness of space and they saw some amazing sights during their flights.

Now de-classified, the "Voice Tape Recorder" (VTR) transcripts of these VTR recordings from all 10 Gemini missions are available in the NASA archives. These documents contain revealing astronaut conversations the astronauts had about UFOs they witnessed outside their spacecraft while in flight.


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