Todd and Sarah Palin's Jewish (Khazar) Roots

UPDATE:  They will not allow me to post the comments section nor update this with what I had to say, so here it is again, since I never give up.  lol  I appreciate your sentiments, but I have a blog full of proof of the distinction between real Jews and Khazars, in fact so far, there are only one or two other sites that have as much as I do on the subject.

what I find interesting is the fact that the khazars were so right in how they fooled everyone using the poor Jewish people as a front. The same zionists/khazar bankers that are trying to start a worle war III also did the same to Hilter. The zionists/Khazars declared war "AS JEWS" against Hitler who then blamed the Jews for his problems which was wrong.

He must not have known the difference or he did and ws complicit in the khazars game. I have also proven that the real Jews are under attack by the khazars to the point of the khazars trying to genocide the real Jews. That is scary that within maybe 2 generations they could be gone. Go check out khazar in the search box and you will see most of them unless mossad blocks me again like they have done 20 times that I have tried to put this up here in response to these emails

Vatic Note:   This past week we have come to realize that the day to day issues are much a distraction from the big story underlying all the choas and drama.   So we started down a rabbit hole to try and understand what the hell is going on in our country at a root level.   Well,  we discovered that Obama,  Hillary,  Bush's, and now Palin are all dual Israeli citizens who are working for the best interests of Israel.  There is nothing wrong with that if you live in Israel.   Good luck and God bless.... however, if you live in the states, you are either not to hold national public office as a dual citizen of another country since its a direct conflict of interest. 

When I discovered that Sarah and possibly Todd, her husband were both dual Israeli citizens, I realized its just a continuation of the same old game we have had played on us since the Supreme court conducted a coup against us by appointing GW as President.  What is worse about this one is they come from the Khazar PAGAN LINE of the Jewish front religion.  That hand signal you see below means "I LOVE SATAN" and that is unacceptable since htey have no limits to the harm they can and will do if it suits them.   So this needed to be exposed to the huge and bright light of day. 

Todd and Sarah Palin's Jewish Roots

Greg Bacon's blog,  The Truth Shall Set you Free
"VN: Is that a satanic Handsignal I see there? Yup, she is one of the international zionist banker clan with that hand signal, it secures it for sure." 

No wonder the Zionist power brokers who run DC were willing to toss Joe Boy Lieberman overboard, they have two of the "Chosen Ones," Todd and Sarah Palin.

On this Wikipedia link, there's no mention of who Sarah's grandparents are, but on this Wikipedia link for hubby Todd, Sarah is described as descending from Kings and Queens in England, yet no mention her grandparents.

She is supposed to be from King Henry III's bloodline and he from Charlemagne. How cute.

Ever notice that when the rich or famous do a family tree, that their heritage always includes being descended from royalty? No one ever says that their ancestors were stable boys, or milk maids or scooped up horse dung off the streets.

Guess that wouldn't fit in with running for the office of the Imperial American presidency.  Yet, this story states that Sarah was from Lithuania, family name Sheigam.

Oy Vey, it doesn't get much more Yiddish than that.

Aside from a number of thoroughly unpleasant episodes concerning family members, overcharging the state, heavy involvement with corrupt local politicians, attempts to foster her personal religious beliefs (Palin is a very active and aggressive Evangelical) there is the question of family matters she has attempted to conceal to advance her political career. Governor Palin “proudly displays” an Israeli flag in her gubernatorial office and for a very good reason.

Her maternal grandfather, Schmuel Sheigam, was a Lithuanian Jew, born in 1912 in Vilkaviskis, Lithuania, 91.2 miles west of Vilnius. The Sheigam family immigrated to America, via Hamburg, Germany in 1915 because of WWI.At Ellis Island Immigration Centre, the name was entered as Sheeran, a standard practice of the time when immigration officers were unable to understand the pronunciation of non-English speaking immigrants. Sheeran is a common Irish name but members of the Sheigam family are buried in the Jewish cemetery at Budezeriai near Vilkaviskis:in Lithuania,

Can the obligatory trip to Khazar be far behind?

And will that yarmulka mess up Sarah's tresses?

Her hubby's mom maiden name is Kallstrom. No mention of Todd's granddaddy, but they make sure to mention that his gramdma belongs to one of Alaska's native tribes.

Todd Palin was born in the western Alaskan town of Dillingham to Jim Palin and Blanche Kallstrom, who is a quarter Yup’ik Eskimo, according to Snowweek, 2006, and other pre-2008 sources.

Wikipedia’s hastily posted new entry reports that Todd Palin’s “grandmother, Helena Andree, is Yup’ik.” This, of course, may only be a partial statement of fact (pun intended).

Dillingham is on Nushagak Bay, an inlet of Bristol Bay, an arm of the Bering Sea, in southwestern Alaska. The population of the city is 2,468, with about 60% of the residents being Yup’ik."

And at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Todd_Palin

"Todd Palin was born in Dillingham, Alaska, to Jim Palin and his first wife, Blanche Kallstrom. His father, a native of Seattle, Washington, is a former general manager of Matanuska Electrical Association. His mother, a former secretary of the Alaska Federation of Natives, is one-quarter Yup'ik and also of Swedish descent, and his maternal grandmother, Lena Andre, is a member of the Curyung tribe."

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Anonymous said...

Wrong - that is American Sign Language for "I Love You".

By the way, Jesus (Yeshua) was born Jewish.

There is true Israel, and then there are false Jews who are of the Synagogue of Satan. Though I subscribe to your feed, I am not happy about how you lump all "Jews" together.

If you want God to bless you and be on your side, then you'd better be sure you are not cursing His people.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The Khazarian Conspiracy
Read this link above and educate yourself on the difference between real Jews who have harmed no one and the khazarians who seriously outnumber them who adopted their religion around 1100 AD, to avoid having to pick muslim or catholic. They were pagans and they outnumbered the Jews in their country so the king ordered the nation to adopt that religion even though they never gave up their pagan and occult religion and practices.

Further that hand sign was created by Helen Keller who was an avowed and ardent Occultist and that hand signal predated her creation of it for the deaf. It means "I love Satan" and she knew that is what it meant. Google Helen Keller and the Occult. Believe me, I do not make this stuff up.

We will never overcome what is happening to us unless we are willing to face the truth no matter what. That is our job right now and I have documented so much on here to support and show exactly why we are being satanically attacked and controlled. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting different results.

I hope you will take the time to educate yourself to what is really going on around you so that people like me who give up so much to educate others, will not have done so in vain.

Geoffrey Finn said...

Ok anonymous. The poor jews are in no way God's chosen people. This is a hoax. They flip everything. The jews are soul-less creatures and hence are stuck in the 4th dimension. Our souls are going from the 3rd to the 5th dimension. Leaving the poor jews underneath us for a change. God has given this command. The poor jews are none to happy about it. You see their god is Lucifer.

Geoffrey Finn said...

This is a great website. No one here is working in vain. You publish the truth and let the chips fall where they may.
We must overcome the Satanic attacks in the form of chemtrails or contrails, and all the other attacks that are designed to destroy our DNA, among other things of course. It is absolutely essential to overcome these matters. And those that read this site and explore will have a much better chance than most.
Thank you.

Geoffrey Finn said...

OK anonymous. Also this matter about the jews being good and bad. Rabbi Abe Finklenstein (aka Frankenstein) was asked by Pastor Wickstrom point blank (after the Rabbi had admitted to many devilish deeds) how many of the jews, and this is the word used, know about all these devilish deeds that are committed by jews. And the Rabbi replied that oh there are some at the bottom who do not go to the synagogue, but they know too because we talk about it at parties and such. First hand evidence. Very convincing indeed.

Anonymous said...

Jesus did not speak Yiddish. Jesus spoke Aramaic. Jesus was never a Jew and Jews were his mortal enemies. Jesus was Hebrew. Big difference!

Vatic said...

Anonymous, that is a very good point. I just learned and put up on the blog, which is now being blocked except for the old stuff they cannot block like this one.... that yiddish was the language of the Khazars and not the Jews.

Jesus was Hebrew and from the persian side of the faith of judaism. He hated the pharisees and the scamming they did to the poor people of their tribes where they took a months pay at the temple in order to speak to God for them. That is why he grew so angry and threw them out of the temple. They were exchanging a months pay for a token to be able to go in and have God help them.

That is also why Jesus taught us that "GOD IS WITHIN YOU". Judge not another for only "God knows what is in a man's heart". And that did away with the massive control the pharisees had over the masses.