Iris Scan & Fingerprints Substituted For TSA Screening

Vatic Note: NOW we know why they did all that groping and we should have known since the MSM never rags on their bosses unless its to fit the larger agenda. But, like I have said time and again, everything they do has multiple agendas. That is how we also need to start thinking, multiple agendas. What do we have to do that provides us with parallel successes in ridding ourselves of these cretins like Iceland did. You know, THE MOUSE THAT ROARED.... I just don't want the USA to be the Lion that whimpered. We would NEVER have tolerated iris scans and fingerprints without probably cause. BE CLEAR HERE, THE MINUTE WE ACCEPT THAT, WE HAVE TOTALLY LOST OUR FREEDOMS, AS PATHETIC AS THEY WERE, WE WERE STILL an anonymous population. So it begins. Now, the question is, will we resist that as vehemently as we resisted the groping???

If we do, and make it clear we will travel but we will not submit to any of that then we have a chance and if we do it, UNITED.... that is the key. We all have to resist it enmass. If not, then divided we fall and you can take that to the bank. Any resistance then will be 100 times harder to do without getting caught. Now, how do we do that? Enmass? Enmass we have to decide to travel any other way than through airports that are now slowly and increasingly being controlled by Britian, CIA and Israel through Israel's companies that  are here in the US that provide security only for their terrorists, like their panty bomber. . LOL.

SOLUTIONS: First of all, test this new program before acting on anything or before it harms your ability to earn an income. Remember millions of us are unemployed and are still alive, so its not the end of the world. Its the end of your slavery and repression and opens up whole new vistas if you stay out of fear. By testing I mean try to fly when its not important, resist any attempt to deprive you of your right to freely move as guaranteed in the constitution and see if you can stick it out and succeed.. If not here are SOME of the options you have.

1. First thing to do is form a committee of like minded people so you can share ideas and responsibilities on those ideas you adopt. Your going to have to make the people more afraid of the satanists than they are of losing material gain. Its how we got here in the first place....social engineering.

2. Begin shopping around for charters and private plane companies willing to work with you on regular flights to destinations leaving from private airports. This is a crucial first step to open up your options and choices. Also look into other modes of transportation. Find pilots who are unemployed and match them up with airplane owners who might need the cash and would be willing to do it for the amount of the fare you would normally have had to pay.

3. Begin wearing contact lenses with phony irises . lol That way they can't do it when you are not aware of it being done, like when they take your picture for a drivers license. Research the gazzillion ways to hide your fingerprints. These are all non cooperation techniques and non violent.

4. Begin also identifying assets of the satanists. In other words, begin gathering intel for the day that might come down the road.

5. Begin identifying photos and pictures of these satanists and distribute widely and internationally if possible. All of them, not just the visible ones. Remember, the really dangerous ones are not into publicity and pictures. Bill Gates is simply a pawn, he must have been a satanist for a long time and made a trade off and agreed a long time ago to do their bidding for his wealth, so he is owned. He is not the issue, its who recruited him is who you want, their families, their routines, etc. While they are gathering intel on you, gather intel on them.

Sun Tsu says study the enemies tools and weapons of choice and turn them around and use it against them. The bad guys learned through various research grants from the tavistock group to Stanford and MIT that 'REPEATING SOMETHING OVER AND OVER' turns from propoganda to belief if you do it often enough. Keep that in mind in every conversation you have and every underground paper you put out. "Satanists" is a good word to keep repeating. "Khazars" is another good word to keep repeating as it begins to change the dialogue from "Jews" to Khazars and thus the truth begins to come out.

There is more, but the rest I do not want to put out there for reasons you can understand. What my point is in all of this not what I am suggesting, rather how you go about developing your own list with others you KNOW WELL and keep it small and intimate. Your childrens futures are at stake both DNA WISE  (remember, 1921 they have funded such eugenics research and they are in advanced stages of actually changing humans from their current existance into something more robotic and non thinking, depriving us of our consciousness, which is crucial to our spiritual being).

You must also think in terms of FREEDOM WISE, ECONOMIC WISE AND HEALTH WISE. Remember, its the children they used to experiment on from Child services who had no parents to protect them. Ask yourself who will protect your children if you are self censoring, complying with their repressive acts etc. What will you say when your children ask "WHY DIDN'T YOU STAND UP FOR US WHEN YOU COULD?" LIKE WE ASKED THE GERMAN PEOPLE.... HOW COULD YOU HAVE LET THIS HAPPEN. Parents allowed their children to be sexually assaulted by TSA, we did a blog on that. When answering them you will realize you will have to admit, that you did not and could not answer them just like the German people could not, so we bombed them in Dresden and murdered millions of unarmed civilians for allowing Hitler to happen.

Iris Scan & Fingerprints Substituted For TSA Screening
Published on 11-23-2010
Source: Consumer Reports

An opt-in program that charges airline passengers to bypass airport security lines is being resuscitated more than two years after its abrupt shutdown. The CLEAR program re-launched in Orlando last week, and is preparing to start up in Denver.

After submitting fingerprints and iris scans, members are issued a CLEARcard with these biometric data. Kiosks at participating airports then allow them to confirm their identity and “speed through security.”

Verified Identity Pass shut down the previous program suddenly in June 2009, leaving approximately 165,000 members without refunds. The new owners—Alclear, LLC—purchased CLEAR’s assets in bankruptcy reorganization, and are offering reinstatement to those who were left stranded. Under the current terms, membership will be renewed upon first use or when CLEAR begins operating in the member’s home market, whichever occurs first.

Members should also note that annual memberships will automatically begin renewing again, at the cost of $179 per years. However, CLEAR says it will provide 30 days notice prior to processing charges.

A similar program, dubbed iQueue, currently operates in Indianapolis and “expects” to launch in additional cities this year. Annual enrollment is $119, and former CLEAR members are credited up to 12 months.

CLEAR was founded by Steven Brill in 2005 and at its peak it was available at 23 airports. However, in 2008 Consumer Reports Money Adviser noted the card—which operated under the Transportation Security Administration’s Registered Traveler program—was “a shortcut with serious trade-offs.”

Both Consumers Union and the American Civil Liberties Union voiced concerns over user privacy. In addition, C.U. questioned both the security benefits of the CLEAR program, as well as its necessity, given that an analysis of airport wait times “found many that did not seem onerous.”

Unfortunately, the TSA’s airport Wait Time Calculator is currently under construction. But prior to enrolling in CLEAR, you may want to determine just how lengthy the queues are at the airports you most frequent.

— William J. McGee

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Saladin said...

That's the exact same comment I left at WRH. All this peeping and groping is just leading us to the desired end, to be chipped and monitored like cattle. And the sheep will comply with great sighs of relief that the humiliation associated with flying is over with. Poor, gullible saps.

Vatic said...

I seriously doubt it will be that easy. Honestly, they will push many fence sitters who know there is something wrong but don't want to believe they can no longer trust their government, and this will do it.

That falling off the fence is what we need to finally get a ground swell of resistance to all these satanic Khazars doing all this to us.