Russia Buys 22 Tons Of Gold In May

Vatic Note: This article not only shows what Russia is doing but also that the IMF is dumping gold, why??? Why is China "really avoiding" the Gold market purchases? Now here is what Iran  is doing which is similar to Russia. This is really going to hurt the Euro. Is this what the rush to war is all about by the Rothschild Israel? However, India,  one of the biggest holders of Gold is slowing down their purchases. Its all too strange. Now look at Japan, so what in the heck is going on??? Its like all the countries that are heavy into our treasuries and carrying our debt are not buying gold, and those that are not into our debt are buying gold. Could there be a reason??? Remember, Iran started the oil Bourse in Euros to compete against Rothschilds bourse in London based on the US Dollar. Now Iran is dumping the euro, why? Should we sell or buy Gold? that is the question.

Russia Buys 22 Tons Of Gold In May
Submitted by Tyler Durden on Zero Hedge.com
06/30/2010 12:52 -0500

Ten days ago we reported  the most recent data on gold reserve holdings as presented by the World Gold Council, where we pointed out that Russia had purchased 27.6 tons of gold in the most recent reporting period, bringing its total to 668.6 tons.

It appears Russia is only getting started. According to the latest IMF data, in the period between April and May, Russia added another 22.5 tons, bringing its May total to a fresh record of 703.1 tons. As BusinessWeek  reports, Russia "has added gold every month since at least February." At the same time, The International Monetary Fund’s gold holdings fell by 15.25 metric tons (490,286 ounces). "Reserves of gold at the IMF were 2,951.58 tons at the end of May compared with 2,966.83 tons at the end of April, data on the IMF’s website show."

Good thing the world's bailout cop is doing all it can to keep gold prices low by transacting in the open market instead of in prenegotiated transaction. Again, per BusinessWeek, this “is an indication that they will continue to sell the remaining 137.5 tons on-market as opposed to via off-market transactions with other central banks,” said Daniel Major, an analyst at Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc in London.

“Indeed the decline in gold sales from European central banks and purchases from India, Russia and China in recent years demonstrates gold’s growing popularity with central banks.” Well, all Central Banks except those that are printer happy of course, and are now loaded to the gills with toxic debt that will continue to impair their currencies until the bitter Keynesian end.

Central banks have been adding to reserves and gold-backed exchange-traded fund assets have advanced to a record as investors sought an alternative to currencies and a protection of wealth from Europe’s debt crisis. Gold traded at $1,243.45 an ounce at 4:16 p.m. in London and reached a record $1,265.30 on June 21.

While the paradoxical IMF's agenda is all too clear (sell gold, get cash, but help the CB's by keeping price low), that of Russia is even clearer- never mind all time record gold prices. Buy. In that, Putin's country is a spitting image of the GLD, which has added almost a hundred tons of gold in recent weeks, price considerations be damned.

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