Assassinated Americans - Part 1A of 12 - The Fluoride Game

Assassinated Americans - Part 1A of 12 - The Flouride Game
by Vatic Master, Vatic Project
July 3, 2010

This blog is a result of two other blogs we did today, one was the assassination of two Americans, one a  young boy, and the other a dissident who was conducting seminars atithesis to the banking industry and the administration chose this to be the first case of Assassinating an American LEGALLY without a trial , through his recently signed EO.  The other blog was about the intentional use of Fluoride to sedate mass populations to accept all these horrors they are visiting on us as we speak, that we would otherwise never have tolerated. So our objective here is to eliminate the poisons they are feeding us so we can get back to our normal selves again and do what has to be done to overturn all of this before its too late. 

Elimination of Flouride from our water, our food and our bodies, is the objective of this blog today.  Its a continuation of the previous call to "ACTION" where we take back control of our lives and reach a point where we can stop these assassinations of dissidents by the occupying forces of our government and their Traitors (our elected officials) they have conjoled into cooperation.  We are putting a lot of time and work into this, and we are doing so to help all  of us come out of this together in one piece whole and well and actively fighting for ourselves, our children, our seniors etc, and we want and request that you tell us if this is valuable to you or not.   We do not want to waste your time or ours if this is not valuable to you.  We have 12 different problems we have to solve and over come before they finish what they have planned so we need to know if you want this.   If you did not read it, or only partially read it and found you were not interested, then at least go to  the "comments" section and tell us you did not and that will count as a vote.  Thanks. 


Remember, Flouride is a very dangerous halogen.   Here is a description of just how dangerous it is.  ,  and an excerpt and pay close attention to its affect on "organic" bodies. 

"Fluorine is a corrosive pale yellow gas. It is highly reactive, participating in reactions with virtually all organic and inorganic substances. Fluorine is the most electronegative element. Metals, glass, ceramics, carbon, and water will burn with a bright flame in fluorine. It is possible that fluorine can substitute for hydrogen in organic reactions, (VN:  hydrogen is part of water, so fluorine in water substitutes for the hydrogen and that critical function of water is disturbed by the replacement of flourine for the hydrogen atoms and our bodies critically need water to stay alive and HEALTHY) .

Fluorine has been known to form compounds with rare gases, including xenon, radon, and krypton. Free fluorine has a characteristic pungent odor, detectable at concentrations as low as 20 ppb. Both elemental fluorine and the fluoride ion are highly toxic. The recommended maximum allowable concentration for a daily 8-hour time-weighted exposure is 0.1 ppm.

Uses: Fluorine and its compounds are used in producing uranium. Fluorochlorohydrocarbons are used in refrigeration applications. Fluorine is used to produce many chemicals, including several high-temperature plastics. The presence of sodium fluoride in drinking water at the level of 2 ppm may cause mottled enamel in teeth, skeletal fluorosis, and may be associated with cancer and other diseases."

Here is a list of things we must begin working on and this is no joke.  If we are going to do anything else, first we have to rid ourselves of this drug that makes us lathargic or we will do nothing and simply end up like the 60 million killed by the Khazars in Russia and Germany without ever raising a hand for self preservation.  Its time.

1.  Remove the source of the Fluoride - Check with your local water district to find out when their meetings are,  if they have fluoride in the water and whether it comes from a company in Florida that manufactures pesticides and get specific information about EXACTLY where it does come from after all its your water supply that you pay for. That is critical. Then ask for a copy of the process required for citizen request to remove the flouride from the water.  Get all that together and solicit information from various anti-fluoride groups on the dangers of it in our water so you have arguments they can buy.   Then begin sharing the harmful affects on humans with our relatives, neighbors and community to gain support for the movement to eliminate it from your water.  We have had it out of our water since March 2005 and that was only after we threatened the board with "medicating us without a doctors license to practice medicine".  We threatened to sue them not just as a board but also as individuals and that was what made the difference. 

2 Foods that contain fluoride - While you are doing all of that above, begin changing your eating habits, since floride has been put into our food, toothpaste and other products.  Begin a regiment of eating organic from a reliable organic food store, farmers market etc...  Buy organic Toothpaste from the same source,  and check labels on all prepackaged foods and drinks.  Eliminate those that say anything about Flouride.

3.  Detoxing your own body - The first step in doing this since fluoride can get into your system through the skin which is a detoxing organ, is obtaining a water filter.  During a bath or shower, the gas goes directly to the blood stream and not through the liver, so its important to begin by getting a water filter that can eliminate a halogen from the water, so shop carefully for just that type of water filter.  Most do not remove the halogen gas. 

The next step is to get "oxygenated" drinking water, which you can do through an organic/health food store.  Rather than buying a case of bottled water from the supermarket which has fluoride in it,  go and order oxygenated water from the local organic store.  If you live on a river and have a regular filter system then the water will remain oxygenated and you do not have to buy the bottled water since fluoride in nature is less than the level that is considered toxic..  Remember both chlorine and Fluoride are gases, so if you choose you can pull water into a pitcher and let it sit for about 4 to 8 hours and let the gas seep off, then you will be able to drink the water.  There is also a site where you can order 'Liquid Oxygen' to take twice a day which will help to rebuild your body with what it needs to heal, repair and ward off diseases caused by the fluoride.

4. Repairing the damage to your body -  The flouride that has already been ingested and is now part of your full system, must now be leeched out and detoxified.   That is the next step once you are able to do the above.   Here is one system for doing this we found from the site on the link below.   Follow this as best you can.   Remember, in any detoxing, drinking plenty of water is essential to move the detoxed poisons out of the system through elimination.

Detoxification 101


Around 4,000,000 man-made chemicals have been described in scientific literature since 1965. Something like 6,000 new chemicals are added to the list every week and at least 70,000 are currently in production. Only a fraction of this toxic load has been adequately tested for the long term effects on human health.  Dupont needs the same death penalty that BP needs.

We meet chemicals in the air, our food, water supplies and by direct contact. Medical drugs add their share, and even the clothes we wear and the fabric of our homes are mostly artificially made, needing many complex chemical precursors. Some of these emit toxins long after being installed in the home. It is a fact of life in the modern world that indoor pollution can be just as bad, or worse, than the outdoor kind.

The cumulative effect of all these substances may create a total body burden that triggers chemical sensitivity in certain individuals. In the late 1970s Dr. E.C. Hamlyn coined the term ?human canary? to describe such people ? they are a warning to us all that we are going to be ill if we continue as we are, in much the same manner that canaries used to warn miners of impending gas danger. Unfortunately, no one seems to be heeding these canaries.

Most studies done on humans to date have been concerned predominantly with acute massive exposures suffered by workers in industrial settings, but clinical ecologists have been gathering case studies steadily to show that chronic exposure to levels commonly thought to be ?safe? are compromising people?s health and may turn out to be a more important hazard in the long term.


The effects of chemical exposure are dependent upon a number of factors, principally:

the amount and biological activity of the compound
length of the exposure time
genetic factors
biochemical individuality
the total stress load
age and sex
previous exposures
nutritional factors

The resulting problems can be complex, depending on the target organs involved. Misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis are the norm. Safety levels are misleading, since they are based on averages. Some individuals will react to far lower levels than would affect the majority.

The way the body disposes of unwanted and toxic compounds (xenobiotics) we call detoxification. In fact, the metabolic pathways discussed here, by which chemicals are inactivated and removed from the body, don't always result in a less poisonous end-product. A better term, therefore, is biotransformation.

There are several pathways involved. The subject is a vast and burgeoning one; the information given here is necessarily selective.


To get rid of a toxin effectively it is most important that the body turns it into something soluble in water. At that point the substance or its metabolites (breakdown products) can be removed via the kidneys, sweat, bile and other fluids. There are two principal routes by which the body does this. In Phase I metabolism the molecule is altered by enzymes in a variety of ways, each process assisted by a specific enzyme. These enzymes are found in the microsomes of most cells.

The most important of these enzyme pathways is the cytochrome P450 system, also called the multi-function oxidase system (MFO). Under its influence oxygen is added to the toxic molecule, converting a hydrogen atom in the molecule into a hydroxyl group (hydrogen and oxygen). The opposite effect, known as reduction, means that hydrogen is added. Both effects can knock out the toxicity of a molecule.

Two other methods to note are: adding a water molecule (2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen atoms), called hydration and knocking out halogen atoms, such as chlorine, called dehalogenation. (VN: remember what we said about buying the liquid oxygen for rehydration http://www.trclabs.com/)

It is important to note that magnesium is essential for Phase I actions, as is a complex co-enzyme called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH), a derivative of vitamin B3. Vitamin C and zinc are also said to help, and possibly other nutrients as well. This is why vitamin and mineral supplements can be so vital for allergics and poor metabolizers.  Shop carefully since some of the natural remedy companies are owned and operated by Israel.   Check out the manufacturer and where they are located and if the product is locally made in the USA.  No China or Israel products. (Blue Bonnet is a good one)

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