New World Order Mind Control in Alpha State

Vatic Note:  There are so many factors that have been used as an assault against us as mass population, that its hard to even believe or  fathom the level of coordination and planning that had to go into this to pull it off.  Think about fluoridation alone and what it took for that to happen and how impossible it is now to get it out of our water supply.   Now the mandate to obtain the digital box which is needed for the mind control at the alpha level of our brains.  Many of us have opted to give up TV altogether and we can atest to the difference in how we see things since we have done that.   The Chemicals in our food, the Monsanto manipulation of genetics in our food supply and now cloning and DNA mixing of human DNA with animals that become our food supply.   Whose DNA am I ingesting?  How is it different from my own?  These are questions that have not been answered on an ethical level nor any research or results of research if it was done, on what impact such actions have on our own bodies and DNA??? Lots of questions and as usual, no answers.  Watch this, its very good.

VIDEO Mass Media: Mind Control in the Alpha State

by admin Labvirus.com
Exceptionally well done eight minute video by a former TV producer. Well worth the time…(below)

How the major, and “government sanctioned” public media networks are very much like tyrannical propaganda machines, using mental controls information manipulation.

The very reason why many, and ever increasingly, Americans have begun rejecting this type of media, is because those people that have retained their discernment and accurate evaluation of events, have become leery of the absurdity of the programming and non-news provided by the likes of CNN, CBS, MSNBC, etc.

More people can see, after “connecting the dots” how deceptive and destructive this media can actually be.

This is why the discerning viewing of credible Internet news is one of our last sources for accurate and factual reporting of events.

This media network propaganda / deception machine also explains why susceptible people and long-term viewers have problems with logic, common sense assessments, and cognitive evaluation of the realities taking place around our country and elsewhere.

American media, whether it be television, movies, newspapers, or radio (mostly owned by the same few corporate media giants) , can, after time, create a perceived viewpoint on the reality of events, politics, and other issues, which severely slants the way individuals see the world created by deception and fantasy… especially those who have not been diligent, and those who believe everything they hear and see on ABC, NBC, or FOX.

Add to this, fluoride poisoning (water fluoridation), environmental toxins, pharmaceutical drugs, and chemical-laden food additives, and the brain becomes overloaded, diseased, and deadened. Then add the additional and relentless assault upon real-life circumstances and facts. This creates a dumbing down of intelligence and critical thinking of the general public, regardless of one’s education or professional standing.

Mass media networks replace real facts and evidence with half-truths, lies, misdirection, misinformation, and fantasy, by both commission and by omission, thereby creating false impressions of life, events, and circumstances, which grossly, seriously, misleads the public perception. ~ Dr. Arthur Evangelista

Funny how people think their thoughts are their own……

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