No Weekend Publications

Clerk Note: I have always been one to listen to my elders. They gave great advice. It didn't matter whether or not I had any intention of following their advice. What mattered was having the information, the options, the choices, the alternatives, the experiences of others to avoid pitfalls of my own.

Since the passing of the Vatic Master in late June, I've had time to scope out the work of being Vatic Clerk better. Despite having all of July to fill up August's publication queue, the pace of it all and the relentless march of time did not mesh with my time snippets available to devote to this task.

Looking back on years of discussions with the Vatic Master about her publication schedule, I'm inclined to follow the advice that I gave her. Namely, the publication schedule is whatever I make it to be.

In that spirit, the weekend publication queue is now a victim of downsizing and shrinkage.

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