Senator David Norris Exposing (Khazar controlled...) Israel War Crimes

Vatic Note:   Its actually important to understand who and how Israel was created, in order to under stand the actions of these people who call themselves "Israeli's" but are not Israeli's.  They are converts to the Jewish religion, but not really.

They are really, actually pagans, in fact, they are one of 7 cultures that worshiped the phallic symbol.   They are turketts and Mongol mix so they aren't even from the Tribes of Judea, but they use them as a front to take the heat for all they do to the world around them.

Upon their so called "conversion", they adopted the Babylonian Talmud and rejected the Torah, of the real Jews.  It was the British royal family that created both the arab states after WW I and Israel after WWII.

In doing so, they placed royalty in each country that were really Khazars and not arabs, like the general population, rather used to "control" the general population and use them as foils for their agenda, which was global domination of the planet, through control of not only the water, but natural resources such as oil and gas for "THE GREATER ISRAEL" that they were trying to build for their King, ROTHSCHILD.

In order to succeed, they needed to clear the Palestinians off their ancient land that they had occupied for centuries and take control permanently.  That is why they raized their homes, crops, and any other sign of permanent ownership of the land.  Now, does all this make sense?  Since the Royal family are khazars themselves.

Prince Phillip recently admitted it in a global news broadcast.  They have no moral core, they hate religions because they are riddled with morality and that inhibits the khazars move toward organized crime and child molestation. 

Senator David Norris Exposing (Khazar controlled...) Israel War Crimes
Published by exomatrixtv,  on Aug 4, 2014

~ Rothschild Zionism Hijacked Jews to Terrorize Others in Their Name! http://youtu.be/sxRVT3UixLk ; like: http://facebook.com/infopowerment

Ron Paul - Israel Created Hamas: http://youtu.be/Yb3vF6Vcjr0


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