Saturday, March 19, 2016, is Vatic Master's day off, Will beback on Sunday 3/20/16

I appreciate all the support we have received and it has made the journey, thus far, very rewarding as we have seen massive awakening from the general population that previously bought the MSM's mantra about Tin foil hat conspiracy nuts.  Thats why the "NON POLITICIAN" is the biggest vote getter in the primaries. 

Now they are on the run, pushing their agenda,  and not hiding anything anymore, and that simply wakes up more and more people.  So, God bless you all for passing this and other blogs around, for listening to our interviews on the radio, and that has been critical to  the awakening process.  Hopefully, we will prevail and be an even better country than we ever were before.  We must never give up our sovereignty or our guns.

As Ron Paul has said on numerous occasions, "If these globalists prevail, we will experience a dark ages, the likes of which the world has never seen before."  Go watch the movie, "THE SOLDIER" with Kurt Russell, which shows what kind of world exists when the state takes over.  Tyrants become the order of the day at every level as some of us are seeing already.   Good luck and God Bless you all.

***FUND RAISING BEGINS:  Today is the 19th of the month and our fundraising begins to try to meet our deficit of $150.  Thanks to two generous donors, we are down to $150 now.    I also have medical partial payments that I need to meet as well, but have until the first before they are due.
So any aid you can give toward these obligations will help me tremendously, to stay on the net.

 I have received some help from family on the medical, so its not as big as it was in the beginning.  But it is an ongoing problem and we are looking for ways to try and meet them through the system.

Hopefully we will be successful, to the point where its not an ongoing problem. But the $350  deficit will always be there, unless, we can find alternative sources for that as well.   God bless those of you who can contribute and do.

May  you and your family find true happiness and prosperity for your contributions to our cause and our mission.  Your contribution does play a major part in our ability to expose the underbelly of the beast. 

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