Nibiru Confirmed 2016 Bob Fletcher Underground Cities, Declassified Documents Reveal, Global Government

Vatic Note:   I am very sick tonight, so no vatic note.  I was at the emergency Hospital this afternoon, and am now home, will see a doctor tomorrow and tests to be done as well.  I just done't have the mind, or the strength to do the note right now.   Will try to make it up to you later, in the mean time try to glean as much as you can from this video.

The fact that MSM was the source of this information, should give you pause.  I had other things to say about all this, like the sign shows "IRON MOUNTAIN" which gives us pause.  The 1966 Iron Mountain REPORT recommended fighting bogus aliens in order to make the world globalize against them. Will continue later when I am feeling better.  Love ya all. 

Nibiru Confirmed 2016 Bob Fletcher Underground Cities, Declassified Documents Reveal, Global Government
By Paranormal Stories, BIN, March 8, 2016

Nibiru or Planet X has been confirmed by several main stream media outlets now here in the USA and abroad. The information on when people will feel its effects varies and that in itself should cause red flags. With that said the information presented is for you to decide and make up your own mind. 

Published on Mar 6, 2016
Very thought provoking information and well articulated by Mr Fletcher. Check out Bobs website @ http://www.bobfletcherinvestigations.com / The Photos used in this Video are from Bobs Site, with permission.
Bob Fletcher is a True American Patriot and has lived a life like a character in a Tom Clancy Novel. Very thought provoking information and well articulated by Mr Fletcher.

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Anonymous said...

MSM reported it......it must be true then. !!!

China is due to introduce a GOLD-YUAN peg in the first week of April 2016.
This will expose the ...LOO PAPER....value of US & European FIAT "currencies".
"Political Velcraft" has an article on the subject under the headline....."Shangai Shock...."

According to Professor Nassim Haramein...Niburu....flew past in February 2003.
This date was within two weeks of the...... date prophesied.... in the SUMERIAN TEXTS.

Niburu....is more likely to be a ....SOROS.."Rod from Dog"...aka the thermo/mini ? nuke "gifted" to China recently.

The..... "Masters/DISASTERS"....of the Universe are about to be exposed as....THIEVING...VILE....HALF WITS.....THEY.... are in URGENT need of a DISTRACTION......to save their own NECKS from the ...FEMA Guillotines.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon

Anonymous said...

Nibiru ...Chemtrails...HAARP...GWEN Towers..NWO...

'The True History and Purpose Of NASA'


NASA was created to make people believe Space travel was possible.
It wasn't.... man has not travelled above 300 miles in Earths atmosphere "apparently".

@ 15:11...Coming of NWO engineered by means of the CREATION of an External ARTIFICIAL
Threat to Earth.

@ 27:00 ...HOLOGRAMS will be CREATED to disseminate PROPAGANDA and to engender FEAR.
CHEMTRAILS...THE SCUM have deduced.......the only viable means of... MASS GENOCIDE ...is through DECEPTION.
The ...STRONTIUM & BARIUM...in CHEMTRAILS....will be utilized to create HOLOGRAMS.

@ 32:00...SOUNDS will be generated to authentic and validate the holograms.
Sonic transmission will be beamed directly into peoples minds.

@ 35:45... GWEN Towers & HAARP will create and enhance the sound effects.

@ 36:35...The International Space Station will coordinate "satellites" to BROADCAST their 'Great HOLOGRAPHIC SPACE SHOW' across the World simultaneously.

@ 38:52... The Shuttle missions were needed to weaponize space and deliver satellites that could create Holographic Images to DECEIVE the masses.

CAVEAT....The video states FAKE ASTEROIDS will be "beamed" but the DEVASTATION will be REAL.
Imho this means Soros will "gift" a "Rod from God" to Western Nations just as he did to China some months back. The "Finger of Blame" will however, point to ....NIBIRU !

Anonymous said...
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