US intelligence chief: we might use the internet of things to spy on you

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This below, is exactly why these cell towers are now being placed in residential areas at ground level.  Its in conjunction with the electric companies installment of smart meters. The towers are needed to act as a conduit for the operation globally, of the smart meters in spying on Americans, but also its going global, so other nations watch for this coming to you soon.

And both smart meters and the need for the towers are part of the G-20 meeting several years ago planning for a global SPYING GRID USING SUCH EQUIPMENT. They have also had subsequent meetings to create a GLOBAL SPY GRID in order to handle any resistance to the NWO that is planned and currently being implemented as we have shown on here in various blogs.  The east west conflict is a Charade just like it was in WW II.

These guys are deadly serious about taking over our nation and depopulating globally, in the billions and spying on those remaining. This plan is in direct violation of our sovereignty and our Constitution, violating our right to privacy.   That is why the protocols were written as a blueprint for doing this planetary control.  Little did we realize that the zionists also double as the fascists since they own the majority stock in most corporations.  Check out the boards of Directors if you don't believe me and see all the banker and investment banking owners.

Are  you sure you want to live under such a system?  That question has to be answered NOW, before it is too late. Their arrogance is becoming impressive, and they are trying to get a reaction out of us and if we do not react, that is perfect for them and their plans and if we do react, then they come for our guns.  Sounds like the CONCORD situation all over again.  Its time to put our heads together and figure out how to stop them.  

US intelligence chief: we might use the internet of things to spy on you
By the Guardian and Drudge Report

James Clapper, US director of national intelligence. ‘In the future, intelligence services might use the internet of things for identification, surveillance, monitoring, location tracking, and targeting for recruitment’, says James Clapper, US director of national intelligence. Photograph: Alex Brandon/AP 
The US intelligence chief has acknowledged for the first time that agencies might use a new generation of smart household devices to increase their surveillance capabilities.
As increasing numbers of devices connect to the internet and to one another, the so-called internet of things promises consumers increased convenience – the remotely operated thermostat from Google-owned Nest (VN:  Khazar owned Google....) is a leading example.

But as home computing migrates away from the laptop, the tablet and the smartphone, experts warn that the security features on the coming wave of automobiles, dishwashers and alarm systems lag far behind.
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In an appearance at a Washington thinktank last month, the director of the National Security Agency, Adm Michael Rogers, said that it was time to consider making the home devices “more defensible”, but did not address the opportunities that increased numbers and even categories of connected devices provide to his surveillance agency.
However, James Clapper, the US director of national intelligence, was more direct in testimony submitted to the Senate on Tuesday as part of an assessment of threats facing the United States.
“In the future, intelligence services might use the [internet of things] for identification, surveillance, monitoring, location tracking, and targeting for recruitment, or to gain access to networks or user credentials,” Clapper said.
Clapper did not specifically name any intelligence agency as involved in household-device surveillance. But security experts examining the internet of things take as a given that the US and other surveillance services will intercept the signals the newly networked devices emit, much as they do with those from cellphones. (VN:  that is why the towers in residential areas are needed, DO NOT LET THEM COME IN) Amateurs are already interested in easily compromised hardware; computer programmer John Matherly’s search engine Shodan indexes thousands of completely unsecured web-connected devices.
Online threats again topped the intelligence chief’s list of “worldwide threats” the US faces, with the mutating threat of low-intensity terrorism quickly following. While Clapper has for years used the equivocal term “evolving” when asked about the scope of the threat, he said Tuesday that Sunni violent extremism “has more groups, members, and safe havens than at any other point in history”. (VN: He forgot to mention who created, financed and runs those groups.  Just read Smedley Butlers book about how the military is used to advance fascist corporations agenda for global domination of the planet.)

The Islamic (VN: Khazar Zionist .......) State topped the threat index, but Clapper also warned that the US-backed Saudi war in Yemen was redounding to the benefit of al-Qaida’s local affiliate.
Domestically, “homegrown extremists” are the greatest terrorist threat, (VN:  only to the fascists trying to take over our nation and destroy our Constitutional Republic and sovereignty)  rather than Islamic State or al-Qaida attacks planned from overseas. Clapper cited the San Bernardino and Chattanooga shootings as examples of lethal operations emanating from self-starting extremists “without direct guidance from [Isis] leadership”.  (VN: and both proven to be false flags, done by the globalists and their minions)

US intelligence officials did not foresee Isis suffering significant setbacks in 2016 despite a war in Syria and Iraq that the Pentagon has pledged to escalate. The chief of defense intelligence, Marine Lt Gen Vincent Stewart, said the jihadist army would “probably retain Sunni Arab urban centers” in 2016, even as military leaders pledged to wrest the key cities of Raqqa and Mosul from it.
Contradicting the US defense secretary, Ashton Carter, Stewart said he was “less optimistic in the near term about Mosul”, saying the US and Iraqi government would “certainly not” retake it in 2016.
The negative outlook comes as Carter traveled on Tuesday to meet with his fellow defense chiefs in Brussels for a discussion on increasing their contributions against Isis.  (VN:  finally, now we know why 92 top level military officers were relieved of duty by Obama on instructions from his Zionist khazar handlers.)
On the Iran nuclear deal, Clapper said intelligence agencies were in a “distrust and verify mode”, but added: “We have no evidence thus far that they’re moving toward violation.”   (VN: remember, Iran has not invaded another country in past 360 years and Israel has invaded many countries just in the past 30 years. So who is the real enemy and terrorist group to be afraid of and to fight against?)

Clapper’s admission about the surveillance potential for networked home devices is rare for a US official. But in an overlooked 2012 speech, the then CIA director David Petraeus called the surveillance implications of the internet of things “transformationalparticularly to their effect on clandestine tradecraft”.
During testimony to both the Senate armed services committee and the intelligence panel, Clapper cited Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and the Islamic State as bolstering their online espionage, disinformation, theft, propaganda and data-destruction capabilities. He warned that the US’s ability to correctly attribute the culprits of those actions would probably diminish with “improving offensive tradecraft, the use of proxies, and the creation of cover organizations”.
Clapper suggested that US adversaries had overtaken its online capabilities: “Russia and China continue to have the most sophisticated cyber programs.”
The White House’s new cybersecurity initiative, unveiled on Tuesday, pledged increased security for nontraditional networked home devices. It tasked the Department of Homeland Security to “test and certify networked devices within the ‘Internet of Things’.” It did not discuss any tension between the US’s twin cybersecurity and surveillance priorities.  (VN: and guess who runs HOMELAND SECURITY?  Thats right, the Khazars just like they did in Nazi Germany.  The Rothschilds recruited Hitler, financed him and had handlers working with him as we proved on this blog.  7 of his top 10 leaders were Zionists as were 150,000 of his military)
Connected household devices are a potential treasure trove to intelligence agencies seeking unobtrusive ways to listen and watch a target, according to a study that Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society released last week. The study found that the signals explosion represented by the internet of things would overwhelm any privacy benefits by users of commercial encryption – even as Clapper in his testimony again alleged that the growth of encryption was having a “negative effect on intelligence gathering”.
The report’s authors cited a 2001 case in which the FBI had sought to compel a company that makes emergency communications hardware for automobiles – similar by description to OnStar, though the company was not named – to assist agents in Nevada in listening in on conversations in a client’s car.
In February 2015, news reports revealed that microphones on Samsung “smart” televisions were “always on” so as to receive any audio that it could interpret as an instruction.
“Law enforcement or intelligence agencies may start to seek orders compelling Samsung, Google, Mattel, Nest or vendors of other networked devices to push an update or flip a digital switch to intercept the ambient communications of a target,” the authors wrote.

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