Jaxon Emmett Buell: Father of baby born with rare disorder responds to critics saying parents should have had abortion

Vatic Note:   This is up because as our various societies in the Western World are inundated with DNA manipulation tools, our children will begin to reflect that policy of various governments, especially if they are occupied by those wishing to depopulate and Zombify those that are left, to prevent resistance to the life they plan for those remaining.

I just came from a cell tower meeting discussing the reasons why they are putting a cell tower smack in the middle of a residential area.  One of the reasons we discovered could be the fact that these rays from those towers changes our DNA.  That does not include all the health questions that arise from those towers in our midst as well as the smart meters that are there for thei G20 global spying grid that they discussed and agreed to.

Then there is Fluoride in the Water, GMO seeds as food, which attacks our organs, and last but not least the chemtrails which is destroying the D3 we need from the sun and the quality of air we breath, due to all the chemicals and heavy metals contained in it.

What amazes me, is there is no outrage over this deformity, at those that are perpetuating it, yet, abortion is OK to do to an unborn spirit.   Something has dramatically changed since I was  young and now I am glad I am at the end of my life, and am glad I lived when I did.  We would never have tolerated what we so easily tolerate today, in so many areas of our lives.  I hope to be gone when the general population thinks its ok to pedephile a child.  I see that day coming, given all the other things we have so easily accepted as a nation, people and culture.

I celebrate these parents who cared enough for their child to want him to experience life.    

Jaxon Emmett Buell: Father of baby born with rare disorder responds to critics saying parents should have had abortion
By Alexandra Sims, The Independent,UK,

The father of a baby who celebrated his first birthday despite being born with a rare birth defect has responded to critics saying the family should have aborted the infant.
Jaxon Buell turned one in August after doctors gave him just days to live when he was born with a rare neural-tube condition called Microhydranencephaly meaning most of his brain and skull are missing.
The milestone was widely reported on and now Jaxon's parents, Brandon and Brittany Buell, have posted an update on Facebook defending themselves against accusations they have behaved selfishly for not aborting the child thereby preventing him from suffering pain and living a restricted life as he grows older.
He wrote: "I will never understand how choosing to carry Jaxon and give him a chance to survive could ever be considered “selfish”. How is killing him immediately the better alternative, when no doctor could give us a reason to do so? When did choosing life become the selfish and condemned choice of this never-ending debate that we have somehow found ourselves in, simply for giving our baby a chance to live and not have to wonder “what if?
"It’s normal to look at Jaxon and see a perfectly created boy and other babies truly do look weird and oversized to us."
Jaxon’s disorder was discovered during Mrs Buell’s pregnancy and the couple were given the option to abort at 23 weeks, however Mr Buell defended the couple’s decision to keep their son saying: “We did make sure to ask if Jaxon was in pain or was suffering, and we asked if there were any added risks for Brittany during the pregnancy or potentially at time of delivery.”

“Since the answer to both questions was ‘no’, we never came close to considering abortion.”

One in 4,859 babies in the US are born with Microhydranencephaly each year
Mr Buell has said that the family’s religious beliefs did not affect their decision to keep Jaxon.
“Yes, we are Christians,” said Mr Buell, “but we’re still realists. Had there been any suffering in the womb or a danger involved because of the concern for his head and brain, then we certainly would have had a different discussion.”
He added that Jaxon’s condition had been “completely misunderstood” by some who have read about him.
“There are cases of Microhydranencephaly children who have lived into their 30’s, have lived relatively normal lives, can learn to swim, and have and can use their senses, as well,” said Mr Buell.
“Yes, there will be difficulties and struggles and limitations, but they recognize their family, they learn to communicate, and Jaxon is certainly on his way in all of those aspects.”
Responding to criticism that his family are befitting from a GoFundMe page, which has now raised just over £41,800, Mr Buell said the page was created by a former college to replace his wife’s salary.
“The longer we can afford to keep Brittany home with Jaxon, the longer he can remain stimulated from that priceless mother-to-son relationship that no one else can give, and is one of the main reasons we believe that Jaxon is still here with us and is doing as well as he is,” he said.

One in 4,859 babies in the US are born with Microhydranencephaly each year, but most die soon after birth.  Signs of the condition include severe microcephaly, ridges on the scalp, and severe developmental delays.

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