Group of Satanists Sacrifice and Eat People in North Carolina - Arrested

Vatic Note:   This should not surprise most of my readers, since we have tied Satanism into the movement toward a New World Order.   Remember, it was the Satanists who ordered and paid for the Georgia Guidestones.   It was also the khazars that have admitted their Satanist Connections.   

That does not mean there is a direct connection of this act below to the Illum bloodlines that we discuss and expose all the time.  However, this Satanism is prevalent in our culture because of the social engineering and Kabbalistic treatment of the Old Testament, by the evil ones.  Just look at how dead these eyes are on this person below.

This is the kind of world we will inherit if we do not fight back before its too late. The evil we are seeing and experiencing in our world, is becoming far too blatant and prevalent, thus it must be stopped before it becomes the norm and our children become at risk in being both offender and victim.

Watch this below and see what I mean.

Group of Satanists Sacrifice and Eat People in North Carolina - Arrested 
Published on Nov 10, 2014
A Group of Satanists Who Sacrificed and Ate People in North Carolina Have Been Arrested.

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