This could be the end for Big Oil

Vatic Note:  This is up because if true, it will change the entire dynamics of the globe and given the massive attempts to control all oil sources on the planet,  this becomes a very important issue to know about.  It turned out to be an ad of sorts, but still very informative and well worth the time to invesigate this.   This below could mean the end of all resource wars.  

By Admin,  Money Morning Articles,


A stunning breakthrough in chemical engineering has unleashed a massive supply of fuel once considered too expensive to be commercially viable.

As remarkable as it might sound, this breakthrough tech is promising to unlock nearly unlimited supplies of a "universal fuel" that is suitable for almost any application, and now after years of development, it is on the verge of becoming a reality.
This process is so revolutionary, it could be poised to decimate Big Oil's obscene profits, make OPEC obsolete, and hand the United States 100% energy independence.
According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), this fuel could soon become the #1 source of energy on the planet... surpassing oil, gas, and coal power.
USA Today says this fuel is "sizzling hot" and Forbes magazine simply calls the opportunity "massive"...
The incredible thing is, the breakthrough that promises to make it commercially viable all starts with a tiny grain of sand...

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