Vaccine profiteer Paul Offit admits to fabricating lies about vaccine safety advocates

Vatic Note:   None of this below surprises me, since the agenda is multiple fold:  1. to depopulate the planet using vaccines to ensure a lack of pregnancies,  2.  Obviously money making profits off drugs, as  usual....,  3.  To dumb down those remaining after the depopulation efforts, so they are smart enough to do slave labor tasks, without any thoughts of resistance.

I am sure there is more, but what is surprising is the blatant lying and disinformation now going on that normally, most scientists and experts would avoid like the plague, rather they would put in some truth and then tack on what they needed us to do about it, which would support their agenda.  Now they don't even care that we know they are lying.

This has become so bad that we can believe almost no one anymore that works within the system.  What a shame since that alone can bring a nation down.  Its why we work so hard to educate and present what we find, so that we can prepare in an appropriate manner.  Read this and you decide.  I trust the source.

(NaturalNews) He's one of the mainstream media's darling vaccine fanatics, but Paul Offit of Philadelphia Children's Hospital is an unabashed liar and fraud. This king of quackery has been caught on numerous occasions fabricating defamatory and completely made-up fables about vaccine safety advocates such as investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson, formerly of CBS News, and autism researcher and publisher Kathleen Seidel, presumably out of spite.

After outing him for being on the financial dole of major vaccine manufacturers such as Wyeth and Merck, Attkisson became an instant enemy of Offit. As admitted by the Orange County Register in 2013, Offit lied when he claimed, ironically, that Attkisson had lied about his tightly-knit relationship with the vaccine industry -- she didn't, of course. Offit also lied about "mean spirited and vituperative" emails he supposedly received from CBS News. It was later revealed that he never received such emails.

In a published correction to a July 25, 2008, report that aired on CBS Evening News entitled "How Independent Are Vaccine Defenders?", the Orange County Register had this to say about Offit's failure to speak honestly about his financial ties with the vaccine industry:

According to the CBS News' documentation recently reviewed by the OC Register, the network requested (but Offit did not disclose) the entire profile of his professional financial relationships with pharmaceutical companies including: The amount of compensation he'd received from which companies in speaking fees; and pharmaceutical consulting relationships and fees.

Offit forced to "apologize" after publishing lies in propaganda book

Oops, it must have been an accident! Or maybe not, considering that Offit has raked in untold millions of dollars in profits from - you guessed it - his infamous rotavirus vaccine that he just so happens to have sold to Merck in exchange for a lifetime of patent royalties. Merck, of course, is the same vaccine company that owns the MMR vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella, which has been the focus of ongoing research, investigations and whistleblower admissions for its possible role in triggering the onset of autism.

Offit doesn't want people to know that he and Merck have an intense love affair with one another, a fact that the lapdog media rarely, if ever, speaks about. This is critical information that shows that Offit is anything but an independent source of scientific expertise on vaccines. His entire lifeline, it appears, is dependent upon keeping the vaccine racket going.

Doing his part to keep the public in the dark about real healing medicine, Offit added further insult to injury when he published lies about Kathleen Seidel in his boorishly titled propaganda treatise Autism's False Prophets: Bad Science, Risky Medicine, and the Search for a Cure.

Offit reportedly made up a fictitious conversation he had with Seidel, painting her as a threatening and unreasonable person in an attempt to tarnish her reputation. This conversation never actually happened, of course, and Offit later settled a libel accusation, agreeing to issue an apology, correct the "error" in his book, and make a donation to an autism charity.

Nevertheless, Offit continues to hold the undue title of "medical expert" in many mainstream circles despite the fact that he's a proven shyster and a brazen quack. Because of this, his continued influence in the mass media is only furthering the unsubstantiated myth that the science is "settled" on the vaccine-autism debate, when nothing could be further from the truth.

"[N]o study to date conclusively proves or disproves a causal link between vaccines and autism and -- despite the misreporting -- none has claimed to do so," writes Attkisson. "To declare the science 'settled' and the debate 'over' is to defy the plain fact that many scientists worldwide are still sorting through it, and millions of people are still debating it."

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