Ancient Chinese Tomb Yields Record Gold Coin Haul

Vatic Note:   I find this somewhat mysterious, since it has recently been disclosed that the Chinese  have built massive huge underground gold vaults in the 2000 ton range.... which is huge.   If you read the protocols, gold is the God of the Rothschild clan and they want to control all the gold the world has.

Now, add to that, the fact that 3,000 of China's leaders were trained at Oxford, the home of all secret societies and also add to that is the fact that Goldman Sachs is not only China's International brokerage house, but also brought over to China manufacturing plants in order to move industries from the western world, including the USA, and place them into china.

Thus the exporting of our high paying jobs into slave labor, more profitable, third world countries, such as China.  A genuinely fascist move, with no regard for anyone else.  Now we hear about this gold find.   Is it a coincidence in timing?  I don't know, you read and decide.  I just don't like the rest of the coincidences that I have listed above.

Ancient Chinese Tomb Yields Record Gold Coin Haul

An imperial tomb of the Western Han Dynasty, which dates back to around 121 BC, is unearthed in Liuan, central China's Anhui province 07 January 2007

A number of gold coins found in a 2,200 year old tomb from China’s Han Dynasty has risen to 285 after further excavation of the site.


Archaeologists in China have made the largest discovery of gold coins from any Han Dynasty tomb, after unearthing another 68 coins and plates from the site on Friday, the Chinese press reported.


new finds include 20 thin plates about 22 centimeters long and 10 centimeters wide,” and gold coins weighing around 250g each, reported Xinhua.


The coins were discovered in the tomb of a nobleman, Liu He, who is thought to have received the title ‘Haihunhou,’ or ‘Marquis of Haihun,’ after he was deposed as emperor after just 27 days. Haihun is the ancient name of a very small kingdom in the north of Jiangxi province, in southeast China.


​​Liu He was the grandson of Emperor Wu, the seventh emperor of China’s Han Dynasty, and his tomb is thought to date back to between 206 BC and 24 AD, during the Western Han Dynasty.

Excavation of the tomb began in 2011, and has also yielded ornaments made of amber and jade, and bronze lamps, as well as ancient musical instruments and sacrificial chariots.

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Anonymous said...

Whilst I do not know if the East/West "conflict" is theatre to fool the masses, I imagine it is safe to assume it is, based on the past 2,000 years of "history".


All I can say is......there's many a slip twixt cup and lip.

Any naturally intelligent person who may be in on the scam, may have second thoughts about proceeding.