Koch Brothers’ Father Linked to Nazi Oil Refinery

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Koch Brothers’ Father Linked to Nazi Oil Refinery
By GPD on January 13, 2016, Veterans today

Why is it that loving Hitler and loving Zionism are so often the same thing, at least to the American "right?" Is America safe with the GOP run by these monsters and gambling boss Sheldon Adelson? (VN:  What we have learned is that both parties are run by these guys.  with 32 dual Israeli citizens occupying key positioins in the White House and a President who is a dual Israeli citizen on his mothers side of the family, Its obvious its not just the GOP, ITS ALSO the dems. )
Conservative Mega-Donor Koch Brothers’ Father Linked to Nazi Oil Refinery
Editor’s note: Compared to whom the Koch Brothers are in bed with now, a family deal with Hitler “back in the day” is a joke. We still like airing things like this though. Suffice to say, Hitler would have stayed away from the Koch family had he known more about them, fearing for his reputation.
Newly released information has revealed that the father of the billionaire Koch brothers helped to construct a major Nazi oil refinery in a business transaction personally approved by Adolf Hitler.

Conservative Koch Brothers Financiers Built Secret Surveillance Ops to Spy on Liberals Groups and Activists
In a new book titled Dark Money, Jane Mayer of the New Yorker dives into the history of several well-known conservative and highly political families. A large portion of the book focuses on the Koch family, and the fortune that Charles G. and David H. Koch inherited from their father, Fred C. Koch.The book details a business venture in which the elder Koch was hired by the Nazi regime to build critical infrastructure.
“One venture was a partnership with the American Nazi sympathizer William Rhodes Davis, who, according to Ms. Mayer, hired Mr. Koch to help build the third-largest oil refinery in the Third Reich, a critical industrial cog in Hitler’s war machine,” the New York Times reported.
The Koch brothers have reportedly not read the book, but are essentially pre-emptively condemning it. The father’s investment in and profit from the fascist regime is not mentioned in an online history approved by Koch Industries.

“If the content of the book is reflective of Ms. Mayer’s previous reporting of the Koch family, Koch Industries or Charles’s and David’s political involvement, then we expect to have deep disagreements and strong objections to her interpretation of the facts and their sourcing,” Ken Spain, a spokesman for Koch Industries, told the newspaper.

The book also contains details from William Koch, the socially liberal twin brother of David, regarding a legal battle within the family over ownership of Koch Industries.

William recalled participating in an attempt by Charles and David to blackmail their brother Frederick to give up his stake in the company by threatening to inform their father of Frederick’s homosexuality.

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