Vatic Note:   Well, this is either true, or Jim Stone has been fooled into believing all the propoganda about Trump.   I think the powers that be are in a panic since their plan to split the GOP voters between the nominee and Trump running as an independant so that Hillary would win the election.    He does not seem to be in a position where he is going to HAVE TO GO INDEPENDANT.   RIGHT NOW, I THINK THE GOP VOTERS WOULD VOTE FOR THE CANDIDATE OF CHOICE.

When you look at the field, its almost crystal clear that his ego demands his legacy is one that will go down for generations as the man who saved America, and I believe that is more a driver for him, then sucking up to the khazars.  What people don't realize is that the khazars only care about themselves and not about anyone else.  Once they strip the middle class of all their wealth, they will go after the Donald Trumps of this world and strip them as well.   They want all wealth amassed into their hands and no one elses.  After all, TRUMP IS A GOYIM.  And they hate goyims.

But you read and remember all the slandering the Khazar owned press has done on Trump and they would not have done that, if he were solidly in their court.  Its like Putin.   The Khazar owned press is practically kissing his butt, but not Trump.  They are doing everything they can to bring him down so he is forced to run as an independant.... he is not in this to run and lose and his history is one of never losing.  That is why he is a billionaire and remember, we did a blog on Trump from 25 YEARS AGO, WHEN HE WAS ON THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW AND SAID THE SAME THINGS BACK THEN HE IS SAYING NOW.

Oprah asked him to run then and he said NO,  he had other things to do that he wanted to complete which was to build his empire and then move on.  Well, he has done it and it can pay for his entire campaign without taking any contributions from any special interest groups.   Its also not fair to compare him to Obama.   Obama had no history of navigating anything to success, in his past, so he was always just a tool.   With Trumps ego, can you honestly seem him as ANYBODIES TOOL FOR ANYTHING?   I can't  and its why I am glad he has an ego.   It ensures he won't defer to anyone else, except the people. 

So this one below about Trump, I dont' agree with, the rest I do......

Jan 11 2016

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A few quick things












I received a lengthy message from JudgeDredd about Trump, about how his real name is Drumph and how it was changed, how Trump cannot be trusted, how he is a total sellout to zion and will definitely wreck the United States. The letter is too long to post with everything else I have up that I want people to see, but I will add my own comments:

Chapo is back in jail. In my opinion, that most likely means ONE THING: Trump sold out and no longer needs to die. You can't expect one man to know everything, but Trump's willingness to boost the NSA, eliminate Muslims in America, his Jewish wife, his allegiance to Israel, and the fact he made payoffs to Hillary in the past all does not look good. I really don't know what to say.

This same guy also knows the past vaccines cause autism, and Trump is probably why they released the new autism baby destroyer in the Tdap shot all to be blamed on a mythical "Zika" virus that never caused such problems in its long history. Trump caused reactions. No one else did. But I am nervous about Trump for President, because I really do not know what is behind door number 2.

I believe tainted baby destroying vaccines are now the number 1 threat to the nation. If Trump puts a stop to all that, will the rest of what goes along with the package be worth it? Who knows. . . . .

Muslim posts

I have received numerous messages from people telling me I am all messed up and that Muslims really are bad, and Muslims thanking me for being one of the few telling the truth.
My comment: Someone wants war. It is not the American people, and it is not the Muslims. But if that very special "someone" who is more special than the whole world combined, so special they have infiltrated and destroyed virtually all media outlets, - if that someone wants war, and no one else does, that someone has to stage countless psy ops and front them through a rigged media.(VN;  so true, so very true and fits with the 1871 recommendation by Albert Pike, to have a THIRD WW, WITH CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS KILLING EACH OTHER OFF AND LEAVING THE ZIONISTS TO RULE THE GLOBE.  NOW THAT MAKES PERFECT SENSE TO ME.  I think that is what this is all about and ITS NOT WORKING.....  Only the ignorant and non researching people are against Muslims, who are as much victims of all of this as we are.  This is a spiritual war, the ILLUMS ARE SATANISTS, and that is why they want both of us gone, along with the REAL TORAH JEWS. ) 

Did you know that in the German party the so-called Muslim "rapists" were on video drinking alcohol before getting rowdy? Interesting that is, because Muslims don't drink alcohol. But oh yes, trolls for zion went all over the map of the Arab world, saying Yeah, alcohol is not permitted but they all get it and are all a bunch of drunken slobs. YEAH RIGHT.
Out of all the Muslims I have known, I have not seen one beer, one bottle of Jack Daniels, or even a clandestine bottle of mouth wash. IF you see propaganda fronting drunken Muslims, expect it to be a HOAX. Also, Muslim men cannot wear jewelry, except for a silver or other non-gold wedding band. Practically all the psy ops show Muslim men wearing jewelry, including the ISIS beheading videos. Trolls say they wear jewelry.  (VN:  My research has confirmed this above paragraph.  They are more maligned than we are, and I feel genuinely sorry for the real arabs who are semites, since the leaders of arab countries, we proved on here, are actually khazars, just like the Israeli leaders.  That is why they seem to get along so well and why the Khazars of Israel provide funds, and sanctuary to ISIS,  who are suppose to be arab terrorists and yet they get access to Israeli hospitals to care for the ISIS wounded.  EXPLAIN THAT ONE FOR ME, WILL YA?)

REALITY: They do not. It is forbidden. In Islam, only the women wear jewelry, and they can wear whatever they want, in abundance. Another way to spot a psy op is men wearing gold or any other jewelry that is not on the ring finger. Muslim men are not permitted to, and simply do not.

I had another guy write to me and say all the Iranians he knew in college were jerks.

I have a GREAT ANSWER, and it is a BANG ON non-Islamic themed answer.

DID YOU KNOW: Goldman Sachs combs all the universities around the world, looking for corruptible people from all regions of the globe and recruits them to do their dirty work everywhere. When people are recruited, Goldman Sachs tells them of the "Golden chains" they have to wear, and that if they ever step out of line, they will be destroyed. But if they stay obedient to whatever corrupt or evil things they are told to do - if they live without a conscience, that those golden chains will pull in wealth for their entire lives.

Goldman Sachs combs the Iranian universities also. And from Iran, they pull the worst filth the country can possibly muster up. People who will back stab their own parents. And these people then get pulled out of Iran and dropped into Western universities, subsequently go into the work force, and back stab and glory hog their ways to the top.

They were pre-profiled ahead of time to be exactly the type that will do it, so if you have seen "Really bad Iranians" in college, this is most likely the reason why. Only a few ever leave Iran, and these will often be the worst of people. Additionally, Iran has a very large Jewish population, and the Iranians you have had experience with behaving like that are highly probably Jews  (VN:  I believe he is talking about the Khazars who have controlled that region since WW I after the break up of the Ottoman Empire.  That includes the so called "arab royal families who are actually khazars" that look arab but are not, planted by the British after WW I. )

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