Watch: Judge Jeanine Just Unleashed A Brutal Knockout Of Hillary: ‘I Couldn’t Help Myself…’

Vatic Note:  This was sent to me in an email.  I tracked it down and cannot get the video to transfer to this blog, since its not embedded like You tube videos.  You can go directly to the source listed below the title and watch it directly from there.;   Its powerful stuff and unfortunately all of it is true.  When I saw the orders to stand down to the military when the ambassadors life was in jeopardy, I knew then he was a problem for the khazar controlled administration and that he had to go.  I have no doubt about it.   Anyway, read this and you decide.

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Judge Jeanine Just Unleashed A Brutal Knockout Of Hillary: ‘I Couldn’t Help Myself…’
Submitted by IWB, on December 22nd, 2015
Source: by B. Christopher Agee, Western Journalism

"Thanks to you, since that time they have morphed into an even greater terror threat…”
According to Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro, there is one decision Hillary Clinton made during her stint as secretary of state that proves she is not only unfit to be commander in chief, but is actually the individual who “poses the greatest danger to the safety of the United States.”
Clinton’s refusal to declare Boko Haram a terror organization in the midst of its adherents’ torture of hundreds of kidnapped girls, Pirro asserted, stands in contrast to her current stance against ISIS.

She went on to explain that, since she was “generally in the Christmas spirit,” she was not going to deliver her trademark opening statement. When she heard Clinton’s strategy on ISIS, however, Pirro changed her mind.
“I couldn’t help myself,” she admitted.
“Now in 2010,” Pirro said to Clinton during the opening monologue of a recent episode of Justice with Judge Jeanine, “you were presented with hard evidence of [Boko Haram’s] terrorism. But no, your State Department, even after Boko Haram bombed a UN headquarters, pushed back against the CIA and the FBI who wanted Boko Haram designated a terrorist organization. Thanks to you, since that time they have morphed into an even greater terror threat, strapping explosives on little girls, using them as suicide bombers.”
Pirro cited recent reports that the militants associated with the group have also “literally obliterated” Baga, killing 2,000 innocent Nigerian locals in the process.
The host went on to suggest that Clinton could have been influenced to ignore reports of Boko Haram’s “atrocities because of [her] relationship with a Nigerian land developer who gave your family’s foundation $5 million.”
Continuing her verbal assault on Clinton’s credentials, Pirro noted that the Democrat presidential front-runner’s campaign position opposing “another major ground war in the Middle East” seems incongruous with her prior eagerness to “topple [former Libyan Prime Minister] Moammar Gaddafi claiming that there was a threat he might kill his own people.”
Pirro concluded by criticizing “a lot of talk” coming from a woman who, while secretary of state, “could’ve made a difference before ISIS became the most powerful, richest terror organization in history.”


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