Chinese UN peacekeeping force in Mali held live-fire exercise

Vatic Note:  Notice how the UTUBE provider and announcer avoided using the term "UN PEACEKEEPING MISSION" and instead said it was a "Chinese Peacekeeping mission" which implies sovereignty is alive and well.   That won't be the case if they do it here, but then who knows what they will tell the world, rather than "tell the truth" as usual.  Lying is a big part of their entire deception game.  We have seen that too many times, to ignore it.

We have a blog coming up at 2 am proving that UN troops are here and practicing on American soil.  Are they intending to enforce the Gun confiscation treaty that OBAMA ILLEGALLY SIGNED???  Is Obama a foreign agent for a foreign country???   Is his status as a dual Israeli citizen determining his loyalties?  It appears so or he would not have signed that treaty.

Just for the edification of the uninformed....... Muslims are going through the exact same thing we are going through.   They are being lied to about America and our goals where they are concerned.  We are being blamed for millions of dead civilians in countries that our foreign occupiers decided to invade for stealing that nations natural resources of gas and oil and the Muslims know the truth.

Our best hope is that we, on the west and Muslims in the east, do not fall into the trap being laid for us to conduct a world war and kill each other off, so the Zionist khazar bankers are left standing, nice and safe and not at risk of dying.   Both We and the Muslims take all the risk, well, let the Zionists do their own fighting.  Both of us should refuse to engage in their planned war for profit and control.   In this,  WE SHOULD BE UNITED.....

Chinese peacekeeping force in Mali held live-fire exercise 
Published on Nov 7, 2015

Chinese peacekeeping force in Mali held a live-fire exercise coded "operation oasis"recently.

Once getting the order of scramble, the Chinese peacekeepers got everything ready for operation in 1 minute.  Various weapons including APC aircraft machine gun, heavy machine gun and so on had been used in the exercise.

Correspondents: Wu Di,Wu Zhongxiang
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