Prometheus movie maybe Real Documentary

Vatic Note:  Without working links to his references,  we can't know what proof he had that this was so.   So, I put it up as a question, which is "Is this a valid question and conclusion?" I liked what he said on here and it made a lot of sense, but still no documented proof.   So, I say,  read and listen and then research for yourselves.  The video makes a compelling case for their conclusions.  If true,

What holds me back is the 1966 Iron Mountain report, and Bill Cooper, which said that the powers that be would use the threat of aliens to force us to globalize to fight them.   Bill Cooper was killed so to me there was something valid about the conclusion that such aliens might end up to be fiction.  I still have the door open on that conclusion.

If this is all true, then my old saying is reinforced again:  "ITS AMAZING WHAT WE DO AND DID NOT KNOW"."  It would be worthwhile to find out "why" is all this been kept from us over these many thousands of years?  What are the knowing ones keeping from us?   Add this to RH neg blood and it becomes even more curious.   The serious gutting of my blogs has almost always been on the subject of RH neg blood.  Why?

After listening to Michael Tsarions 9 videos entitled "THE ORIGINS OF EVIL"..... I was able to speculate based on his conclusions, which was "... the evil ones have spent trillions of dollars and thousands of years keeping this information about us FROM US.  He states that "... humans are incredible creatures, living ordinary lives."   That series is well worth the watch.   We did a blog on it, you should read and watch herehere, and here.   Hopefully, the powers that be have left  them up, where before they had gutted them twice.  You will see that in my vatic notes to my readers on the 2nd series of videos we did.  Anyway, you read, watch and decide.

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Prometheus movie maybe Real Documentary 
Published on Sep 30, 2012
THE OVERLAP is just one min. the vid is over 2 hr. thanks for comments!
Prometheus movie maybe Real documentary

Ancient Aliens is an American television series that premiered on April 20, 2010 on the History channel.[1] Produced by Prometheus Entertainment, the program presents hypotheses of ancient astronauts and proposes that historical texts, archaeology and legends contain evidence of past human-extraterrestrial contact.[2][3] The show has been criticized for presenting disputed pseudoscience.
(VN:  all these links he gives us are all gone as is the site they were from.  Hmmm, a coincidence?  Or just a time problem.  We got to it too late. But the issue is valid enough to ask the question.  If you have not seen prometheus, I highly recommend you do so.  Rent it from the library.  Then come back and watch the video.)

The series' de facto pilot was a TV special of the same name that aired on March 8, 2009. The second season began on October 28, 2010, and the third season began airing July 28, 2011. Season four premiered on February 17, 2012 but on H2 instead of the History channel. On July 11, 2012 Giorgio A. Tsoukalos announced on Coast to Coast A.M. that the series has been renewed for a 5th season.[4]

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