The Paris False Flag Attacks: Absolutely Must See Video Destroys Fake Paris Attacks, ISIS, And Exposes The "New World Order"!

Vatic Note:  This is amazing.  This is an excellent presentation about France and their real agenda for their sponsored terrorism, in fact, its about the globalists and their hired thugs to destabilize western nations, especially in Europe.   

This announcer keeps saying "America" is doing all this and never mentions the globalist khazar bankers or ISRAEL run by those same Khazars.  Vatic project has been saying for a long time now,  these khazars are trying to make America the new Nazi's so the world will fight against them and insure that we lose the war.  We are the biggest Christian nation on the planet so far, so of course we are a target. 

I believe their focus is to keep the eye off the "REAL BALL" which is Israel and Rothschild. The "ILLUMINATI" have always wanted us focused on the wrong players in order to facilitate the start of WW III.  But, AS USUAL, their game has been exposed and as we all know,  "EXPOSURE IS A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION" when the fascists are small in number of about half million and the resisters could number up to 6 BILLION.  

Its going to be interesting to see  how this plays out, since the Illums have misjudged and miscalculated just about every move they have made so far.  I believe we have a good chance of overcoming them.  

THE KEY IS TO STAY UNITED AND UNDERSTAND THAT ALL OF US ARE THEIR TARGET..... BOTH MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS AND IF WE UNITE AGAINST THE KHAZARS AND ISRAEL, they don't have a prayer in succeeding, resulting ONCE AGAIN, in failure over their many-tried takeovers, historically. 

The leadership of France and Britain are fully owned by Rothschild and Israel as is the United States.  I keep harkening back to Israel's Sharon's edict, that "Israel owns America and she will do whatever Israel tells her to do" and he also made the point that even Americans know this.  Its true and maybe that is why Sharon was attacked:   for spilling the globalist fascists satanic "beans".  

One thing is certain,  none of this can happen on a global scale, unless these globalists, confiscate our guns.  Right now, they have not been able to do so, but have been preparing to violently take them from us, by using our Homeland Security (Storm troopers) dept, to do so.  When they finally take that step, you will know the end is near and this is it.  We fight to the death or die without resistance.  After that comes the zombification of those who remain.  

That "UNQUESTIONING OBEDIENCE" to the globalists agenda and methods is essential for all of this to work as they have planned.  Frankly,  I don't see that ever happening.   They might be able to reduce the population because so many are unprepared, but unfortunately for the globlists, that is the population they want to survive to do the slave labor they need to make this fascism work.  Instead the survivors will be the resisters, who are willing to fight to the death.  

Another miscalculation on the part of the Satanists.  So whats new?  They have no clue about the Human psyche and heart, and that will be their down fall. Their big mistake was creating America in the first place.  You read and watch the video and decide what you think and share all this with your cadre of contacts. 

The Paris False Flag Attacks: Absolutely Must See Video Destroys Fake Paris Attacks, ISIS, And Exposes The "New World Order"! 
By Northern Truthseeker,   November 17, 2015

I had originally wanted to take today as a "no blogging" day due to other commitments... However, the troubles we see world wide are only escalating and I and others in the real truth movement are now fighting against time itself in trying to awaken people to the real dangers we face....

Someone sent me the following video, and after watching it, I too was blown away.... Although many have probably already seen this video and the messages it contains, I too want to add it here to this blog for all of my own readers who have not seen it yet... It is entitled: "Political Author Gearold O Colmain Discusses The Paris Attacks With RT (Russia Today)" and is probably one of the best videos that I have seen in a while that absolutely tells the truth about the sick world we live in.... I have it right here and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:


NTS Notes:  One word... WOW!.... It is so surprising that Russia Today which many do 'suspect' as being controlled like the rest of the Jew Spew Media would allow this important author the floor to basically rip into the frauds of ISIS, the fraud terrorist attacks in Paris, and even the criminal elite that want to create their "New world Order" (which in reality is the Jew World Order)......

I truly want everyone to take this video and pass it around for everyone to see and hear... The message again is very important and it helps reinforce the importance of the fight that I and others have been doing for years now....

And about the Paris "terrorist" attacks?  More and more information continues to come out that shows that fraud in all of its glory.... I will be doing my best in presenting new material about that fraud shortly, so stay tuned..

More to come


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