Homeland Security is Israeli Operative Occupation of the US

VATIC NOTE:  There is no link to this below.   I received this by email from Dick Eastman, who wrote and signed this email, and it's spot on.  He wrote it some time ago, and its doggone, pretty accurate except for who is going to do the slaughtering.   AT the time that he wrote this, we did not know, about the letter from Albert Pike recommending three world wars.

Remember, its homeland security that runs TSA, bought billions of rounds of ammo, and ordered targets for practice that have pictures of pregnant women, old people, children, etc, in order to desensitize their soldiers in shooting such people in our society.

And also remember, that the CIA, FBI, and other intel agencies are now under Homeland security, so black ops is now theirs to determine, and the dept now has the SPLC AND ADL On their citizens advisory board. A foreign nation in those positions means treason is afoot by our dual citizens of such country, while our own leaders are also culpuble of treason for allowing it to happen.  

This organization has been compared to the "STORM TROOPERS" of Nazi Germany, run b y the same bankers with Hitler as their man at the top.  Also remember that Chertoff is part owner of a company in Israel, so his connections to Israel Khazars is very strong.

Nothing has changed since these two leaders have moved on.   Just remember, these are khazars and not real Jews of the Bible, because the khazar Zionists hate real Jews as much as they hate Christians and Muslims.   They are Satanists and love him/it dearly.   This below is why WE MUST NEVER GIVE UP OUR GUNS.


In Israel the women can kill like any man.  Take pride in it.  In the US many are the same,  but with an Esther complex added on.  Meet Janet Napolitano.
Jews controlled the finance, media, education, government etc.
Why didn't they stop drug money and the leak of purchasing power laundered to international banks?
Why didn't they stop abortion?
Why did they force easy divorce?
Why do they open the floodgates of pornography and the persecution of those who would ban it?
Why did they not hesitate to conduct the 9-11 false-flag attack in order to get the US military out of the country -- where our soldiers are killed, poisoned and mentally destroyed by stress syndrome and conflicts over what they are doing -- while our military equipment is being secretly flown to China.
Why did they  set us up of each economic catastrophe -- now going after us like we have no tomorrow?
Why the flood of immigration with the president now allowing the flow, and requiring education in English -- community colleges are the backbone of anti-American Marxist propaganda -- BUT STILL NOT ALLOWING SMALL AMERICAN BUSINESSMEN TO HIRE THESE EXCELLENT WORKERS?  Why would you open the gates and give them indoctrination, but not allow them to work with us and get to know us????
Why are the American Chinese not participating in our goverment?  Why is the congressman from San Francisco's China Town not Chinese?  Where are the Chinese representatives?  Where is a Chinese Senator?
China and Israel are under the control of the Rothschilds.  The Rothschilds put Mao in Power and they created Israel. (VN:  they created Israel through Britain, who also educated at Oxford, 3,ooo of China's leaders) China is the power -- they have been preparing for war with the US, and predicting war with the US, and exhorting to be ready for war with the US and it has never stopped, not even during the best of times in the relationship. 
Clinton was elected by Chinese money and influence (John Hwang traced back to Riady traced back the Peoples Liberation Army, remember?)  -- but the Chinese following the strategy developled by Zhou Enlai (who taught the strategies of Sun Tse when at the Wompoa Military Academy in the early days of Sun Yat-Sen) and Trotsky -- who moved to Mexico to conduct the long-term subversive attack on the US from close proximity.  (The Chinese never broke with Trotsky -- and Trotsky throughout his life was a Zionist, aware of his support from the Rothschilds.) (VN:  Trotsky's real name was "BRONSTEIN".  We proved that on another blog.) 
Israel is in charge of control  -- homeland security and operations like 9-11, the Kleptastrophe and the sabotage of the Gulf and southern states economies and environment.  That is because they are so easily infiltrated.  The Chinese have smuggled in a lot of men of military age  -- the Chinese population, by design, is heavily over-represented by males -- to enhance military might.  China, North Korea and Vietnam have the three largest land armies in the world.
When the time comes thousands of airliners will carry them to our shores -- and what little defenses we have will do nothing.  (Remember all the bases on the West Coast that Clinton Shut Down.  But even before the Peoples Liberation Army begins to liberate North America from the hateful white race  -- there is going to be a famine in which, also by design, the Mexican population and the "Anglo" population slaughter each other - in panic and the frenzy that Marxist agitators can ignite and fan.
So why am I telling you this -- when there are still a lot of people who can enjoy a few more months of life before facing grim reality?
There is some question among those who know the situation about whether Americans -- the melting pot republic we grew up loving -- can survive -- whether there will ever be a republic that tolerates self-respecting and self-supporint middle class people  --  see below for one man's plan for defeating the Rothschild conspiracy.  But once the US population completely subjugated and everyone is confronted with "reeducation" to servitude or confinement or death   -- then will it also be too late for the rest of the world to avert the same fate.
I will not predict the outcome.  I will point you to what seems to be our best chance  (assuming you have already read the post sent earlier containing the answer to the question "What must we then do?" given by Leo Tolstoy.)

The Global Power Elite is Not That Strong!

Debt Slaves of the World Begin to See the Fast and Direct Way Out of their Problem

The awakening populist movement against  international money power organized crime.

 I endorse Adiran Salbuchi's  "Second Republic" plan for ending the universal oppression by the organized crime of international usury.

 -- Dick Eastman

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