Vatic Note:  Everyone knows that ISIS is "israeli security and Intelligence Services", and is a mercenary company doing contracts for governments.  So guess who is doing all this blowing up, chemical and biological attacks against the west?  Right, rothschild and his operational arm, ISRAEL using ISIS, gee what a surprise.  NOT.  

Just remember the USS LIBERTY WHEN THEY DID THIS TO US LAST TIME AND KILLED 38 AMERICAN SAILORS AND WOUNDED MANY OTHERS.  So I don't want hear how we are being unreasonable accusing them of this..... too much evidence proves it over the past 20  years. They have infiltrated every western caucasian government in key positions.  Their job in infiltrating us, is to make policy that makes it look like the USA are the New nazi's, just like they did to Germany in WW II, but fortunately for us, REAL HISTORY IS EMERGING and we are getting a completely different picture of it all than that fed to us by their history book publishing companies that they own.  

Also go back and read ALBERT PIKES recommendations in 1871 to conduct 3 world wars with the last one, WW III, to pit the Muslims and Christians against each other and leave the Satanic Khazar Zionists standing to rule the globe. Everything that has happened so far proves that is their agenda.   They kill Americans and then try to blame it on the muslims who have done nothing to us.... except on the orders of ISRAELS SECURITY AND INTELLIGENCE SERVICES, better known as ISIS.  Remember, the leadership of most of the Saudi Penninsula countries are KHAZARS, installed by the British government after WW I, AS WE PUBLISHED ON HERE A WHILE BACK.  

Those khazars work with the KHAZARS OF ISRAEL put in power by the British Government AFTER WW II. How we know that is the beheading of Syrian Christians that is part of the khazar NOAHIDE LAWS for the crime of being a Christian, which is "DECAPITATION".  If the Muslims kill off the Christians, then the Zionists won't  have to murder so many like they did in WW I with the Russians and WW II with the German people.  Israel should be paying reparations to Germany.

Sooooo,  if they do this below, then its finally, real out and out war where we take those guns and fight back to defend ourselves from the same murderers that killed millions of Russian christians and used the USA weapons facilites and equipment to kill off about 3 million German Christians after WW II. 

ISIS army of scientists set to wage chemical and biological war on West: Experts warn weapons of mass destruction 'have been carried undetected' into European Union