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In a speech given at the G-20 summit in Turkey, Obama announced to the world he wanted the same kind of people who made their way into Paris and carried out acts of terrorism to be allowed into the U.S.

You see, a few of those involved in the massive attack were Syrian refugees… and Obama believes America should be a safe haven for these kinds of individuals.
Never mind that many people in the nation are struggling to make ends meet because of far too many illegals coming in from the south, Obama’s going to let around 10,000 of them in the country, use your tax dollars to help care for them, and then let them take your jobs while they plot against us.
The good news is there are a lot of people in positions of leadership in this country who are tired of letting Obama getting his way all the time. So they’re putting the brakes on his plans and telling him to take a hike.
Four governors of states in the U.S. have said “No Way” to his plans for resettlement.
Many of these states are tired of dealing with the abusive federal government and they’re refusing to accept Muslims as part of Obamas plans to further erode our national sovereignty.

ABC News reports:
Michigan, Alabama, Texas and Arkansas have become the first states in the country to refuse to take in Syrian refugees amid heightened security concerns following Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris.
Govs. Rick Snyder of Michigan, Robert Bentley of Alabama, Greg Abbott of Texas, and Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas said in separate statements Sunday and today that their states would not be relocating refugees from the war-torn country until the U.S. Department of Homeland Security fully reviewed its screening procedures.
I will not stand complicit to a policy that places the citizens of Alabama in harm’s way,” Bentley said. “I will not place Alabamians at even the slightest, possible risk of an attack on our people. Please continue to join me in praying for those who have suffered loss and for those who will never allow freedom to fade at the hands of terrorists.”
Texas Governor Greg Abbott wrote Obama directly: “Effective today, I am directing the Texas Health & Human Services Commission’s Refugee Resettlement Program to not participate in the resettlement of any Syrian refugees in the State of Texas. And I urge you, as President, to halt your plans to allow Syrians to be resettled anywhere in the United States.”
Of course liberals are saying this kind of action promotes xenophobia, but what in the world is xenophobic about trying to keep people who admittedly want to end your way of life out of your country?

The answer is nothing.

It’s smart.

We didn’t set immigration quotas for just any reason. It was to protect us and to prevent us from being diluted by groups who had a different agenda than ours.
That’s why it’s so encouraging to see this happen, to see states standing up for themselves and attempting to end Obama’s continual uses (VN:  "ABUSES......) of power.

Do you like what these governors are doing?