ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

Vatic Note:   This was an excellent commentary and he is saying what we have documented in very many blogs for a very long time.  Al Quaeda, ISIS, ISIL,  Hamas, etc. were all created by Israel and its puppet governments in the western world.   He is telling it exactly as it is and we  have proven it on this blog.  I have said before that the MSM should stand in the docket with Nuremberg type trials and suffer the same penalty as those perpetuating this massive fraud costing both us and the Muslims their blood and lives.

Please read the protocols and you can see the big picture of who is interested in globalizing and taking over control of the globe as well as continuing these major money making profit taking world wars.  Its the international khazar bankers and their operational arm, the Khazars of Israel.   Remember Albert Pike recommended this war along with both previous World wars, in 1871,  That is how long these wars have been on the books.  

These are not Jews of the Bible, they are NOT SEMITES...... THEY ARE KHAZARS, which are a mix of Turkic and Mongols, that have absolutely no claim upon the land of Palestine.  These Khazars have taken over the leadership of just about every western country and those that would not go along, they murdered..... JFK and Wellstone ring a bell???

They have infiltrated the Pentagon, state dept and taken complete control of Homeland Security, which was created after Mossad did 9-11.  Remember the dancing Israeli's, and the comment by Netanyahu "9-11 was good for Israel".   He was right.  They are also Luciferians and that is, in part, why they hate Christians and Muslims.   Albert Pike was a Luciferian and wore a bracelet that he used to summon Lucifer according to him.

Finally, we did a blog proving that the Saudi royalty are all Khazars and were placed in power after WW I by British Royalty and that is why Saudi Arabia cooperates with Israel, also run by Khazars.

ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service
By Ken O'Keefe, Press TV Commentary-Paris False Flag

Ken O'Keefe discusses "who is ISIS" and the absurdity of what the mainstream media is telling us in this latest false flag manipulation brought to you by the powers that be.


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