ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE ON "WHO" WON THE GOP DEBATE. (If you want to call it that)

Vatic Note:  It appears there is a split between the illums and the Zionists.  Used to be both wanted Bush on the right and Hitlary on the left.   Now they are talking on the left about nominating Biden who has been part and parcel to the Obama administration who has leagalized sodomy and bestiality in the military, who has legalized murder  of Americans without a trial, based on the Presidents say so and did it under the NDAA bill.

There are many more examples of Obama, with Bidens cooperation, violating our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. We are definitely under serious attack in every area of our lives.... family, sex, food contamination, geoengineering chemtrails, flouride in our water and thus our brains, cancer at unprecedented levels,  violation of all our rights by a foreign infiltrated government, so we have our work cut out for us.  And we best get to it soon.  War is being conducted against the American people at unprecedented levels and we must stop it now.

On the right, its another Bush, whose family, Bush Sr started all this with Bush Jr as the set up man, and Jeb Bush with prior knowledge of 9-11 based on his martial law for Florida, signed EO on 9-7-01, to be effective on 9-11, which was  4 days before 9-11, so how did he know?  And why didn't he say anything to anyone about it?  That leaves Donald Trump and if he runs and wins, then the Fascists will be angry as heck, and the Zionists will be happy, or so they think, since Trump has come out supporting Israel, without saying how or why?

That is why this piece of news below is important.  2 factors are in Trumps favor, he is taking no money from anyone and financing his own campaign, and the 2nd one is he is not a professional politician.   Now, he is apparently not a fascist or the GOP would not be unhappy about his movement up the voters approval ladder.  So, he is not a welcome part of the cabal since they control BOTH PARTIES AT THE STRUCTURAL LEVEL, AND NOT AT THE GRASSROOTS LEVEL.  

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by James Quinn, submitted by IWB on August 9th, 2015

Fox News and the rest of the elitist MSM are apoplectic about Trump’s continued support. They have chosen Bush and Clinton as the candidates we’re supposed to vote for. Bush was pathetic. Walker was pathetic. Paul was disappointing. Christie was a jackass. 

Trump despises the media talking heads and makes it clear when answering their ridiculous questions. I love watching the right wing and left wing media both try to bring down Trump, while the increasingly angry public gives him more support. We’ve been screwed by the two parties for decades. 

They are corrupt, captured and working for the same corporate interests. Trump is an egocentric, blustering, asshole who doesn’t give a crap what the elitists think about him. The more the elitists try to bring him down, the more support he will get from the average American. The elitists are reaping what they’ve sown.

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist
Last night’s debate in Cleveland was the first of many chances for the GOP establishment to dethrone Donald Trump from the top position in polls, and Fox News moderators Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace and Bret Baier came out swinging with some surprisingly difficult questions. Although most pundits think the debate was a “tie” between several candidates, an amalgamation of different user polls show Donald Trump is hard to bump.
We averaged three big online user polls as of 11:30am Eastern Time that account for over 600,000 votes including: The Drudge Report, Time.com, and Slate. There were small differences in the percentages on each poll, but one thing is clear: Trump is still on top for much of the electorate:

image: http://2oqz471sa19h3vbwa53m33yj.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/gop-poll-results.jpg

Averaged poll results: who won GOP debate?
Trump has no “shame”. It also helps explain why Trump “could not say” if he would run as an independent if he did not get the nomination.
For now, that will appeal to GOP voters who want a strong, unfiltered, and determined leader. However, as Trump reaches a larger and more focused stage, the details of his campaign and platform will likely kibosh his original gut appeal even to most Republicans. He’s also far too divisive to win a general election.
So who else can declare the debate a victory?
Marco Rubio and Dr. Ben Carson both had double-digit support (10.9% and 10.3% respectively) as the winner of the debate. Meanwhile, Ted Cruz and John Kasich were right behind with 8.3% and 8.6% support.

Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/msm-gop-establishment-furious-that-trump-won-the-debate/#rhoVuk1esv0ps6Lr.99

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