A VATIC PROJECT "MUST WATCH": SPLC Sheriff Wants War With Ron Paul's Liberty Movement

Vatic Note:   This is a MUST WATCH VIDEO all the way through.  It highlights why "ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE" apologized to us conspiracy nuts, for calling us names, since THEY STATED that we ended up being right about all that is going on as we speak.The hammer is coming down.  Exposing the agenda and what is going on in various states of our nation, hopefully, will turn this coup around before they implement their plan to excise our sovereignty in favor of a global New World Order.

I believe they want us to have a revolution so that they can then start WW III and hit us with NATO and other Russian and Chinese soldiers, while we are weakened by the revolution we will have, so we must not allow these men to control our armaments, facilities, and governmental structure.  THEY MUST BE ARRESTED and controlled.   If they succeed like they did in Russia, then 63,000,000 Christians will be slaughtered.

No American should be killed without a trial and conviction for such a crime. I refuse to say CIVIL WAR, because that means we are not united as a people, and I don't believe that will be case.  WE ARE UNITED BOTH LEFT AND RIGHT, AND THAT MEANS WE WILL FIGHT AS ONE....UNIT.  Thus a revolution,  NOT A CIVIL WAR.  THIS REP IN SPOKANE WASHINGTON IS A GENUINE HERO, AND IS RISKING HIS LIFE AND FUTURE TO TAKE A STAND AND SPEAK OUT.  Good for him.  I wonder if he would be interested in the Presidency.  We need men of integrity and principle in that office, its been a barren hell hole for at least 20 years now.  .

What you will see on this video is what we can expect if these khazars succeed in globalizing our planet.  In fact, it will be a lot worse since these foreign invaders are currently restricted from all out war against us, because we outnumber them 3,000 to 1 and we ARE ARMED.   They would lose a traditional battle, so they are using deception, propoganda, disinfo, and manipulation to try to manipulate the sheep, but they waited too long, the sheep are waking up BIG TIME on both THE LEFT AND THE RIGHT.   

What is interesting is Alex Jones is highlighting the role of the SPLC in all of this. They are the "operational arm" of the "ROTHSCHILD KHAZAR BANKERS AND THEIR ZIONIST SATANIC NATION, ISRAEL".  He has finally been pushed to highlight the role of khazars, WHO ARE NOT JEWS OF OUR BIBLE in all of this movement to tyranny.   All he truly has to do is profile the protocols of the Elders and we are seeing in those protocols, the operational blueprint for the take over of the planet.

Alex does not mention the role of the Mossad controlled ADL in all of this.  Both the SPLC and the ADL SIT ON THE CITIZENS ADVISORY COUNCIL TO HOMELAND SECURITY.  Then notice that every head/secretary of DHS, such as Chertoff and Negroponte are khazars which gives them control of our new dept in charge of our security and they are using it to actually implement their tyranny coup agenda.  Further, we recently found out that the DOD has over 6 trillion dollars missing from their budget.  Is that what has paid for all of this garbage???  So the taxpayer is paying for their own repression???

The DHS is actually a carbon copy of the WW II nazi's STORMTROOPERS organization with gestapo type soldiers.  We have done several blogs just on t he deceptions played out in WW II, like the financing of the take over of Germany was done by the Khazars, Rothschild banking cartel.  Further, the FEMA camps are the WW II death camps and they are right here in America.  "YOU VILL BE REEDUCATION AND TAKE THE CHIP OR YOU VIL BE KILLED".  The decisions we are going to be forced to make are serious and life threatening, so wake up before you can't.  STock up on guns and ammo, especially ammo. 

Then notice, in the video toward the end, Alex brings up how these gigantic M-Wraps were highlighted in "HUNGER GAMES" as is typical of these khazars, (We did a blog on that program "Hunger games, way back in 2012 and discussed the objective they may have had in producing such a horrible movie,.... I actually hate being right about all this....) which is to tell us in advance, what they plan on doing to us and using against us.

Remember, its the Khazars that control the movie industry and they have done that several times now.  First the Gulf Blowout was shown 9 MONTHS BEFORE IT EVER HAPPENED, IN THE MOVIE "THE KNOWING" with Nicholas Cage. We owe a debt of gratitude to VIGILANT CITIZEN for targeting these advanced productions on satanism, globalizing, t yranny and the advance warnings given to us b y the bad guys.  Alex does talk too much, I would have preferred to hear more from Joe Biggs and that Rep from Spokane.  Both were veterans.

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SPLC Sheriff Wants War With Liberty Movement
By Alex Jones, And Joe Biggs, August 15,2015
Published on Aug 25, 2015
Alex Jones talks with Joe Biggs and Washing State Rep. Matt Shea about Spokane county Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich and why he keeps trying to start a war with the liberty movement.

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American Action Report said...

I watched the movie "Hunger Games" when it first came out. All through the movie, I kept thinking, "This is the way it really is." The powers that (shouldn't) be have all the money they could possibly need or ever want. They're not just after as much money as they can get; they're after absolute power. The ultimate power trip is to emulate the Old Testament idolaters who persuaded parents to give up their offspring to be sacrificed to Moloch. In the modern version of it--the real-life Hunger Games we see in the world today--the maniacs are persuading parents' adult offspring to kill, and be killed by, total strangers with whom they have no quarrel.