Why Are Alternative Doctors Turning Up Dead After Run-Ins With Feds?

Vatic Note:  What is really going on with these doctors???  Is it, like the microbiologists deaths after the anthrax attack, an effort to keep certain health information away from the public and if so, then which part of it is the issue?  I would suspect the role the CDC has played in all our false flag health pandemics.

Remember, it was the CDC that created the virus swine flu, mixed with the Avian flu virus and other concoctions that no one else had ever seen.  The microbiologists were "DNA SEQUENCING EXPERTS" which meant they could tell which bioweapons facility the bug came from, so most of those that were killed had that specialty,  DNA sequencing.

Its possible they are being killed because they are affecting the profitability of the aleopathic drug companies. If they are substantially cutting into their profits or otherwise hindering the soft kill depopulation plans of the foreign occupiers of our government, then its possible, its one of the reasons for doing them in. Remember, these animals never do anything for just one reason.  They usually have multiple reasons for everything. 

Why Are Alternative Doctors Turning Up Dead After Run-Ins With Feds? 
By Admin,  Newsmax staff, July 14, 2015

Several controversial natural health doctors have died under mysterious circumstances — some of whom had recent encounters with federal agents.

Two weeks ago, Jeff Bradstreet, M.D., was dead with a gunshot wound to his chest. The police concluded the gunshot wound was self-inflicted, but Dr. Bradstreet’s family suspects foul play.

Dr. Bradstreet was an outspoken critic of vaccines and an autism researcher. The doctor's family has reportedly hired private investigators to look into the fatal shooting.

On June 21, Dr. Bruce Hedendal of Boca Raton was found dead in his car with no explanation. Friends said Dr. Hedendal, 67, was in great physical shape. 

Both doctors reportedly had run-ins with the feds due to their unconventional treatments.

Teresa Sievers, another natural health doctor from Florida, also died under mysterious circumstances earlier this week. She was reportedly murdered by an unknown attacker in her home, which is in an upscale neighborhood.

Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott said Dr. Sievers' death is "a complicated case with many intricacies."

A local TV station, WINK, reported that she was killed with a hammer.

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