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Vatic Note:  Well, according to this below, they have finally made the decision to kill off Americans themselves, since the instigation to war has failed.   The Muslims and Christians were suppose to fight and kill each other off, and it has not worked.  Neither of them believe the News and know, that all attempts to start WW III, through acts of terrorism, are bogus and being done by our government that is foreign occupied by two other nations,  Britain and Israel.

Here is a blog going up later this week proving the murder of Americans by false flag attack BY OUR own government and its allies, Israel and Britain. These have now turned into indictable offenses and criminal acts that can be prosecuted at the state level.  Its time we get on it and do something.  Lets not do another 1967 USS Liberty and do nothing.   Its time we criminalize and arrest these people and put them in jail where they belong.

Now we know why both Cheney and Obama, purged patriots out of the Pentagon, so the leadership of our military is controlled by the khazar bankers.   Treason is afoot, and our entire military needs to stand against those violating their oath,  "TO DEFEND AND PROTECT the Constitution of the United States.....against ALL ENEMIES, BOTH "FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC".....  which includes Britain and Israel, trying to get their rebellious US commonwealth country back again.  TOO BAD AND TOO LATE. 

The author of this is trying to obtain even more information so we will follow this story and report as new info comes out.  Stay tuned. AND DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS.  iTS TIME FOR TREASON TRIALS.

One warning of caution...... this below could just be a ruse to get us to turn violent.  How to stay safe and within the law is let them fire the first shot and then we act and arrest big time.   Hold our own trials at the state level and bring down any state politician who will not support prosecuting those involved in treason and possible premeditated  murder. Hopefully,  EXPOSING IT WILL PREVENT IT FROM HAPPENING.  IT USUALLY DOES. 

Certain American Military Units Are Being Disarmed In Preparation for Civil War
By David Hodges, Before Its news,   July 19, 2015

Police-State-Big-Brother-Prison-Grid-Public-Domain-300x300 (1)

I do not like using confidential sources without a strong degree of outside collaboration. However, the information contained in this report is so dire and so immediate, I do not feel that it is prudent to sit on this information any longer.

This article will be brief and to the point. I am confident that once I air what I know on this very grim topic, the floodgates are going to open and I will shortly be running more articles with newly revealed information from sources that have not yet gone public.
Briefly, when I run a story based upon confidential, insider information, I almost alway have some degree of independent confirmation which adds to the veracity of the report. However, in this instance my independent confirmation is limited. As far as I know, John Moore and Paul Martin have much of this information as well.

John Moore the host of the John Moore Show and a former Green Beret.

John Moore and I spoke on the phone yesterday and we agreed on the importance of maintaining source anonymity because not only could careers be lost, but so could lives. Therefore, the following report will be purposely vague as to the location of involved bases, unless permission has been given to reveal such, as well as the identity, rank and position of reporting sources.

Will You Fire On American People If Ordered to Do So?

Recently, at Fort Bragg, a military security officer was asked if he would fire on American soldiers if told to do so? This information is a little more specific because the firing will soon be made public, so I can be a little more detailed in the reporting. When this officer answered in the negative, he was promptly fired. The source for this information is John Moore. He knows the position of the person involved and much more detail that we cannot reveal at this point. I agreed to this anonymity before publishing this article. This event is less than a week old.

This picture and the one above it depict Russian soldiers at Ft. Carson. The Russians and other foreign troops (e.g. Germans, Canadians, Danes) are part of Jade Helm. They are here to carry out the mission should American troops stand down.
This picture and the one above it depict Russian soldiers at Ft. Carson. The Russians and other foreign troops (e.g. Germans, Canadians, Danes) are part of Jade Helm. They are here to carry out the mission should American troops stand down.   (VN: We told the world, in a blog, that it was the intent to do a bogus war and take down America, with troops on our side that are demoralized and asked to commit treason by their leaders, who are the infiltrated foreign country that is occupying our nation right now,  the Israeli Khazars and their Puppets, the Brits...... time to purge them from this nation.  We also said the "RUSSIANS" are also part of the banking Cabal at the top of their government.   This proves it.)
At Fort Carson, I know that at least two officers have been fired who were training with Russian soldiers on the base for answering the question in the negative. This event is about six weeks old.
In another location, a housekeeper for a base commander was told late last year that she should make plans to be as isolated as possible because “troops would soon be on the street”. We now know that this base commander was referencing the upcoming Jade Helm drills.

Last December when I was provided this information, the public and the media had never heard of Jade Helm including myself. I was told that the base commander felt personally threatened because he was soon going to be asked to do things that he was not sure that he could carry out. I know the identity of the housekeeper, the base commander and the base. Fox News might give this source up for the sake of ratings, but I will not because of the possible consequences.
A trusted State Department employee told me a close friend that he has in which the person was training with the military in Texas. He was so horrified by what he saw in the training and what was going to be done to the American people that this person is looking to leave the country. He probably knows that when the Blue List carries out actions against the Red List, the Blue List does not live to talk about it.
On April 28, 2015, I published an anonymous letter from a Texas Ranger who said they were bracing for attacks from ISIS and that the Judicial Watch revelations of an ISIS base camp near El Paso was indeed accurate.

Draw a Prophet event ends in ISIS contrived violence.
Draw a Prophet event ends in ISIS contrived violence.
About a week after the Texas Ranger revelation, Pam Geller’s “Draw a Prophet” event was attacked by two members of ISIS in Garland, Texas, just as the Texas Ranger predicted.  (VN:  FIRST OF ALL ISIS IS A CREATION OF MOSSAD, CIA AND MI6, Second of all Pam Geller, as everyone now knows is a big disinfo agent for the elite Rothschild, khazar bankers.  All of this propoganda is to get us to hate Muslims,  get the Muslims to hate Christians, and start WW III where we kill each other off, and the Zionists then run the globe.   NO THANKS.)
On July 4th, the FBI announced that it was investigating 56 possible ISIS led terrorist events inside of the United States. Again, this bears out the veracity of the Texas Ranger communication.
This past week, a well-planned and clearly an ISIS motivated attack was carried out in Chattanooga in which five service men were killed. Again, as predicted, ISIS is running rampant. ISIS has promised to murder as man American servicemen as possible.  (VN: that has also now been proven to be a treasonous false flag to start WW III.   Thats if it even occurred which may not be the case, rather another one of the zionists movie productions they put on to try to get us to fight each other.  Its exactly what the Zionists tried to do in 1967, when they KILLED AMERICAN SAILORS AND BLAMED IT ON EGYPT, TRYING TO GET WW III STARTED BACK THEN. IT DIDN'T WORK THEN AND ITS NOT GOING TO WORK NOW.  ISRAEL,  FIGHT YOUR OWN WARS AND LEAVE US ALONE.)

These events lead to the next set of insider revelations which are highly significant.

Why Are American Military Being Systematically Disarmed

Our American soldiers are being made targets for ISIS. More importantly, we are just beginning to see that domestically based American forces are being systematically disarmed unit by unit because they cannot be trusted to not defend American citizens.  (VN:  thats because, ISIS was created, funded, trained and armed by Britain, the CIA, and mossad/Israel.  That has been proven many times on the net.  The whole reason for their creation is to fulfill the objective of WW III laid out by Albert Pike in 1871.   ISIS has become the foil those three countries are using to begin WW III. and the objective is for Muslims and Christians to kill each other off and leave the zionists left standing ruling the globe.  Heaven forbid.)
John Moore, Paul Martin, two other unidentified sources, and myself, have information that select domestic American military units are being forced to turn in their ammunition. In light of the Chattanooga attacks and the promise of ISIS to murder American servicemen, this is making select members of the military a sitting duck.

However, and more importantly, it is the belief of many that I speak with that these units are being disarmed because of the fact that these units would not only refuse to obey illegal orders to fire on American citizens, they would oppose those forces that would. I expect that the number of disarmed American troops will grow as will the purges of officers who will not go along with the subjugation of the American people.
One report that I have been in possession of for six weeks says that American soldiers training with Russians at Ft. Carson have been disarmed while the Russian soldiers have not. It is well known that these Russians, who speak perfect English are being trained for martial law enforcement inside of the United States.
2013 photo of Russian and American troops at Ft. Carson, Colorado. Why are the Americans pictured here, being disarmed while the Russians are not?
2013 photo of Russian and American troops at Ft. Carson, Colorado. Why are the Americans pictured here, being disarmed while the Russians are not?


There is no real conclusion to this story. These events are the precursor to a brutal civil war. No doubt that this article will open the floodgates of more information on this topic.
Steve Quayle will be on The Common Sense Show tonight at 8pm Eastern, to discuss these events and more.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Anonymous said...

The penalty for Treason is and always Must be Death, not prison.

18 USC, Part 1, Chapter 115, Sec.2381

And UCMJ Sec. 906, Art. 106

Anonymous said...

Indigenous Sovereigns of the "UNITED KINGDOM" are not(intentionally) puppets of Israel.
The UK was UNLAWFULLY occupied by khazar-zionists hundreds of years ago and, that occupation continues today. The khazars, preeminent FALSE-FLAGGERS, changed their names, in order to DUPE the indigenous British into thinking the khazars were, in fact, British. The khazars now; UNLAWFULLY (under Common Law they have no right of abode in the UK) "hold sway" over UK Parliament, Local Government, City of London THEFT CORPORATION, BBC etc, etc. The KHAZARS "existing" at the present time in the UK are, a METASTASIZING CANCER of CORRUPTION & POLLUTION. In fact, the website 'Political Velcraft' carried reports of a London Court Case which, if I remember correctly, refused to recognise khazar-zionism as a religion. I believe 'Vatic Project' also posted the story.
If, I was a gambler, I would put a significant amount of money on it.
What I have said may sound OXYMORONIC.
Are these foreigners "OFFICIAL SERVICEMEN of THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION" or, are they simply Russian speakers "DRESSED UP" in camouflage i.e. "ACTORS" i.e, troupes....DICTIONARY DEFINITION...a company of actors, acrobats etc, a member of a theatrical troupe !!
The same question mark hangs over the "VALIDITY" of those "POSING" as Servicemen of European Nations ? ARE these "SERVICEMEN" currently serving/on secondment from the "OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZED MILITARY'S of EUROPEAN NATION STATES" ? or are they "EUROPEAN ACTORS", dressed in camouflage with an ability to speak European languages.
The photographs above are fuzzy, which is a trademark FALSE FLAG characteristic.
The men photographed do not have the "appearance" of genuine servicemen. I suspect if, you showed the photographs to current/recently retired Servicemen, they would say the same.
Has anyone thought to email the Russian Embassy in NY to ask if the Russian Federation has SERVICEMEN (1) on secondment in USA and (2) Does the Russian Federation have TROOPS "assisting/accompanying" US Servicemen in the execution of the exercise KNOWN as JADE HELM.
If, these troops are not "OFFICIAL" Servicemen of the Russian Federation why, has Russia not 'DENIED the PRESENCE of RUSSIAN TROOPS in the USA' ? ?
I believe there are "DIPLOMATIC PROTOCOLS" that state "Foreign Emissaries/Embassies" are NOT ALLOWED TO INTERFERE IN DOMESTIC POLITICS.
If, I encountered one of these "dubious" entities I might be tempted to ask:-
5. IMMIGRATION STATUS in reference to their PRESENCE in USA.
6. Name of their COMMANDING OFFICER.
7. Name of their UNIT
8. Do they possess a "VALID EQUITY CARD"

Vatic Master said...

Very well done, Anonymous, what you say makes perfect sense and fits well with past false flags. Even sandy hook had a so called drill going on simultaneously to the play action occurring with actors playing their parts but not very well. Will watch this very carefully. BIN is getting a reputation of being a disinfo site, pumping fear, so we will see.