The Monsanto Protection Act is back -- and worse than before

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Vatic Note:   We just did a blog AFTER this one that proves GMO by Monsanto does indeed cause cancer and that cancer rates  have sky rocketed since GMO has come on the scene.  We all know who, what and why these elite want us dead by the millions but are unable to do it in a traditional battle way, since they are sorely outnumbered and would lose any conflict not done in a "hidden and manipulative way" using our food and water, which are our lifes necessities, to get to us using "SOFT KILL".

Why are they doing it this way?  BECAUSE THEY ARE COWARDS and have no moral core of any kind, and no humanity, no soul, no spirit.  They are predatory animals with empty shells for bodies.  Anyone who would kill babies, so they can have their golf courses, is not sane. (Don't get me started........ oh, too late!)

If the owner of Monsanto is willing to use vaccines to reduce the population, by killing off our children or making them sterile as Bill Gates has done globally, then what makes us think he would do any less with adults..... and using our food, with foreknowledge that the GMO's kill through cancer, would be any different?  He is a very sick man as are all the khazars involved as well as the illum families like the duponts and the Li family in China.

India has it right,  they have a warrant out for the arrest of Bill Gates for what his vaccines have done to the children of India.... and he will be arrested if he ever goes back there.   THAT IS WHAT WE NEED HERE.   WE NEED TO GET GOOD AND MAD, ITS WAY OVERDUE, AND PAST TIME..... NOW IS THE TIME AND THIS BILL IS THE LINE IN THE SAND.  MAKE YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS UNDERSTAND JUST HOW MAD YOU ARE IF HE VOTES FOR THAT BILL. 

Thats right.... I refuse to use a Capital letter on the duponts last name.  So there.   This below we can stop and should do so right now, this very minute by climbing on the backs of our elected  officials, and take names and get photos and let them know that is what we are doing.   Ride them until they are too sore to vote......

The Monsanto Protection Act is back -- and worse than before
By Admin,  Credo Action

The Monsanto Protection Act is back -- and worse than before

The biggest threat to GMO labeling that we’ve ever seen could soon become law if we don’t act now.

Republican Congressman Mike Pompeo, Monsanto’s hand-picked representative in Washington, has combined his anti-GMO labeling bill, the “DARK Act,” with the Monsanto Protection Act – and it’s even worse than before.
This newly revised Monsanto Protection Act would not only prevent states from enacting their own GMO labeling laws, but it would go even further by nullifying all existing restrictions on GMO crops already on the books.1
This unbelievable power grab by Monsanto and its Republican pawns is quickly making its way through Congressional committees and could be up for a final vote by the end of the month. We must take action now to prevent Congress from passing this assault on our fundamental right to know what’s in our food.

Tell Congress: Stop the new Monsanto Protection Act.
According to the Environmental Working Group, a leading advocate for GMO labeling and major opponent of Rep. Pompeo’s legislation, the new Monsanto Protection Act would:2
  • Block all state laws requiring mandatory GMO labeling, including Vermont’s landmark labeling law;
  • Prevent the FDA from establishing a national mandatory GMO labeling program;
  • Possibly block non-GMO claims until the USDA creates a non-GMO certification program, which could take up to 10 years;
  • Block all state and local efforts to protect rural communities and farmers from the impacts of GMO crops;
  • Prevent claims by food companies that non-GMO foods are better than GMO ones.
The consequences of this legislation for our food system would be drastic and widespread. State-level efforts to label GMO foods that have already passed in states like Vermont, Maine, and Connecticut would be nullified. All local oversight and restrictions on genetically modified crops would be prohibited. Laws and regulations in states and communities with GMO-free agricultural zones, including in California, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii, could be completely overturned.3
Monsanto has significantly beefed up its lobbying efforts to pass this bill, spending nearly a half million dollars per month in total lobbying and boasting that it has contacted every single member of Congress.4
With over 90% of Americans in favor of GMO labeling and the efforts of hundreds of thousands of CREDO activists who took action to repeal the Monsanto Protection Act the first time, we know this campaign is winnable. We must show Congress that there is overwhelming support for GMO labeling and urge them reject this huge giveaway to Monsanto, Big Ag, and their allies.

Tell Congress: Stop the new Monsanto Protection Act.
Thanks for all you do for GMO labeling.
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