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If Bibi is unable to fool his own people, when we have a chance of saving the planet, if not, then its going to be an unhill battle all the way.   Right now, the latest is that Putin is suppose to save us,  well, how can he when he works for the international bankers and always has, that is why he made it to premier of Russia and he has 40 billion dollars in offshore accounts.  This is all a giant game to get us to capitulate by aligning ourselves with the Khazar's current slave country, Russia.  Then its an easy transference of all that is now normal in Russia, to the rest of the globe.  Be prudent, cautious and understand the deceptions we have weathered,  and they aren't over yet.   

Why Bibi Doesn't Care,  What Khazar Money Buys 
By Brother Nathaneal, March 3, 2015

Why Bibi Doesn’t Care
By Brother Nathanael Kapner March, 3, 2015 ©



I LAUGH AT HEADLINES tooting that bipartisan support for Israel is “dead” and the Jewish Lobby will “never be the same” due to Netanyahu’s speech to Congress today.

Even Stephen Walt is whistling dixie thinking that Bibi blew up America’s ’special relationship’ with Israel due to today’s visit.

Yet, the Jewish Lobby is stronger than ever and bipartisan support grows larger every day.
Do you understand what it takes to control a country?

Who has the money, with hundreds of organizations, and owns the media?

“Presstitutes” like Paul Craig Roberts claims? “Elites” like Gerry Celente says? “Globalists” as Alex Jones puts it?
Ha, ha ha. Ask any 16 year old what group in America has the money and he’ll say “JEWS.”
Jimmy Carter summed it up, “Oppose the Jewish Lobby and you commit political suicide.” (VN:  is there no one in Politics with courage to speak for our nation and for the people????  Is this what JFK was referring to before he was killed?  "He said there is an international conspiracy to bring down the United States of America...."?)

Another laugh is seeing Jews scrambling to cover themselves over Netanyahu’s ‘controversial’ so-called ‘defiance’ of Obama’s efforts to cut a nuclear deal with Iran.

Abe Foxman of the ADL had cautiously suggested that Netanyahu should “scrap” the speech as it would be “unhelpful.”

Then Greg Rosenbaum of the National Jewish Democratic Council outs Boehner for “playing partisan politics” with the US-Israel relationship and “putting politics” before principle.

But it’s a public face that Jews use to mask their real positions: Agree with Bibi but pretend to be against him.

In other words, Jews all share the same goals yet methods differ…subtly and devilishly.

Yes, one can prove that the deal Obama is brokering with Iran will significantly impede nuclear weaponization.

But that’s not the issue.

What IS at issue is if JEWS can dictate US foreign policy. You BETTER BELIEVE they CAN.
ONE SURE METHOD is the use of blackmail. Jews are masters at it.
Case in point is Senator Robert Menendez whose reported sexual penchant for Latino teenage girls makes him easy pickings.

Blackmail, bribery, money, media, organized pressure…are the ingredients of Jewish control.
Say it Paul, say it Gerry, say it Alex: JEWS run America. But they can’t say it.
That’s why Bibi doesn’t care what anyone in this Jew-ruined country thinks.

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